ADA Celebrates Women in Digital and Analytics with Music Video

ADA also announced their latest gender statistics – women make up 50% of the company

SINGAPORE, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To celebrate the capable women in digital and analytics, ADA commemorates International Women’s Day with a special music video – written, produced, and starred by ADA employees themselves. Built around this year’s theme of #BreakTheBias, the video features women literally smashing common biases and stereotypes that women face daily.

ADA launched a special music video in conjunction with International Women's Day.
ADA launched a special music video in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

For ADA, workplace diversity is a long-term commitment that goes beyond 8 March or the month itself. Recognising that this pursuit will take time, ADA laid out several initiatives to ensure that gender equity is not only achieved, but also sustained in the long run.  

Women Make Up Half of ADA

In last year’s International Women’s Day celebration, ADA released their gender statistics to quantify and monitor their gender gap. The ratios – which cover ADA’s employment breakdown, senior leadership, promotions, and attrition – have been updated with the latest statistics in the Women At ADA page.

As of 31 December 2021, half of the company is comprised of women who carry positions in data science, of data scientists, digital media gurus, industry experts, management consultants, and more. 54% of promoted employees and 47% of new hires were female. Meanwhile, women make up 38% of the senior leadership team.

CEO of ADA, Srinivas Gattamneni, said, "Last year, we announced our gender statistics as we believe we are what we measure. To ensure that we maintain this level of diversity in our workforce, we must make sure that policies are in place to create an environment for everyone to thrive equally. Today, women make up 50% of our team across the 10 markets. This is a huge accomplishment for us and for the industry too, as tech is typically a male-dominated landscape. Our team has proven time and time again that women can perform as well, if not better, in this industry and I’m honoured to be working with this team. But we will not stop here; there is still a long way to go. ADA will continue our efforts in breaking gender biases and empowering our team to be great leaders and mentors, not just for today but for the long run."

About ADA

ADA is a data and artificial intelligence company that designs and executes integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions.

Operating across 10 markets in South and Southeast Asia, ADA partners with leading brands to drive their digital and data maturity, and achieve their business goals. We are anchored on the following main services:

  • Providing business insights, data enrichment, and advanced analytics
  • Understanding the consumer mindset and designing data-driven creative marketing strategies
  • Executing end-to-end digital marketing solutions for growth hacking, funnel optimisation, and goal optimisation

ADA complements its unique digital expertise with deep proprietary data of 375 million consumers.


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