Accelerating Business Growth Together, H3C Wraps up Channel Kickoff 2022 in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The H3C Channel Kickoff 2022, an annual event launched by H3C this January to consolidate ties with global partners, recently came to a successful conclusion in Indonesia following four stops at Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, and Pakistan.

With the theme of "Accelerating your business growth", the event gathered local partners and customers together for discussions on new opportunities and challenges in the digital transformation of various industries.

Gary Huang, President of International Business and Senior Vice President of H3C, delivered an opening speech, saying that since it started to expand business globally in 2019, H3C has been committed to breaking boundaries between industries and shaping a boundless ecosystem for digital economy.

Adhering to its "Partners First" strategy in overseas market, the company has formed a complete channel system and developed strong capabilities to empower end-users and partners, said Huang, who remarked that H3C has by far established spare parts centers in 24 countries and regions; its services can be delivered to 135 countries; and the number of its certified overseas partners has reached near 1,000. 

"We have made continuous efforts by being deeply involved in the digitalization processes with Indonesian customers and partners in various sectors including government, education and finance, helping them seize the opportunities generated by the wave of digitalization," Huang said at the event.

"In the future, H3C will still firmly grasp the business development opportunities in the digital era, and promote better customer service in Indonesia with power innovation abilities and cutting-edge technologies."

At the Channel Kickoff event, H3C also held an awarding ceremony to recognize outstanding partners. A total of six partners won six awards for their strong service capability and extraordinary performance in promoting business growth by cooperating with H3C. 

Marco Ma, Country Manager of H3C Indonesia, said that based on the "Partners First" strategy, H3C has achieved "win-win-win" results for its own development and that of partners and customers.

"Looking forward, we will continuously meet the diverse needs of partners and customers with strong strategic development capabilities and technical strength, and respond to changes of the times with confidence."

As the H3C Channel Kickoff 2022 drew to the end, the concerted efforts of H3C and its overseas partners to ride the wave of digitalization for pursuing integrated development in a boundless ecosystem will still continue.

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C is ready to continue forging ahead together with its global customers and partners to pool strength and gather momentum for development. On the journey ahead, H3C, by joining hands with ecosystem partners, will jointly push global digital economy toward higher-quality development, unlock greater value of digital technologies, and contribute to a brighter future of digitalization.


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