Absen plans to strengthen global partner network to support LED exponential growth

SHENZHEN, China, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global LED manufacturer Absen, today announced the start of a new recruitment phase in a bid to further expand its global partnership network and strengthen its leading position as LED innovations and technologies specialist and to support market growth.

Absen global recruitment for 1000+ partners
Absen global recruitment for 1000+ partners

Supporting the exponential growth of the LED market, Absen – who currently operates in over 130 countries – is set to expand its global network by reaching out to other like-minded businesses who may apply to become an Absen representative in its commitment to remain market leaders globally.

Building upon an already impressive network since the companies beginnings in 2001, Absen currently boasts 13 domestic and overseas offices, employing over 2,000 staff and representatives who are responsible for the completion of over 50,000 projects to date. To further establish the global partnerships already fostered from two decades in the LED industry, the company is committed to welcoming businesses with similar ideologies, vision and drive.

"We have, and will continue to experience, a huge expansion in the LED market. In line with this growth, we are committed to enhancing our existing network of valued partners," states Laura Luo, Vice President at Absen "as technological advances are made with LED, and the applications in which LED can be used continues to evolve – so must our network of Absen representatives. There simply hasn’t been a better time for LED."

Absen attributes its two decades of success as market leaders, pertaining to the same core values: honesty, gratitude and responsibility – and more importantly than ever before – sustainability.

"We are looking for potential partners who share the business ideologies that we, as a company, feel very strongly about. Supporting growth sustainably will be a collective effort we are committed to taking forward with our new partners."

Over the past five years, Absen has made huge strides in its sustainability and energy conservation commitments, reducing carbon emissions by approximately 700,000 tons in that time.

The new phase of Absen’s network growth strategy calls for other ‘best in class’ businesses to apply for more information directly from Absen. New partners will be trained, guided and supported by the extensive knowledge from the team and will fully benefit from the opportunities LED presents to the global market.



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