A Smarter Smartphone With Artificial Intelligence


Google and chip developer startup Movidius recently announced that they have entered into a deal with the goal of making android phones a lot smarter by allowing to “see” and “learn”. One day Google hopes that this project will end the processing time for android phones.

What is Movidius

Movidius is an Irish startup company that develops computer processors or chips that has the capability of mobile vision for mobile phones. Their technology provides for artificial vision intelligence not only for mobile phones but also for all connected devices. Their chip consumes low power thus making it feasible to be integrated with android phones, as we know the processing power of artificial intelligence requires a lot of power.


The Google-Movidius Deal

With this deal Movidius will provide for the mobile vision chip that will be used in android phones. The Movidius Myriad first generation of chip was already used and tested with Google’s Project Tango 3D mapping and computer vision project. Reportedly, the integration went very well that there is already an order for the second generation of chips.

Google on the other hand will be providing assistance to Movidius in their very complex neural network technology. Just recently Google was able to create an AI that was able to best one of the best human Go player. A proof that Google’s Artificial Intelligence technology is growing at an exponential rate.



Combining The Technologies

Google hopes to achieve developing a smarter android phone by removing latency and processing time through the use of Movidius’ mobile vision technology and Google’s Machine Learning technology. By combining these technologies the real world application is going to be astounding.

Possible Real World Applications

For health buffs, how would you like to know the total calorie count of what you are eating by taking a photo of it? The data that your android phone will show is not going to come from a database from somewhere but rather an actual value. Another application may be for tourism where you can just snap a picture and Google will tell you where you are and other pertinent information. But wait isn’t that happening already? Yes, however right now the data the Google uses is in its search database, internet connection is a requirement and inaccuracy is highly likely especially for places where there are not much data, in this day and age you better believe it Google haven’t indexed everything yet.

Movidius and Google Video


It is indeed an exciting time for technology and with almost all the large companies like Google and Facebook developing their own version of Artificial Intellingence we will expect that the growth in this type of technology is going to be astronomical. Is this the age of the rise of the machines? We hope not! Instead we hope that this is the rise of more innovations to solve real world problems.

What do you think of Google’s move to integrate artificial intelligence in to the android phones? Are you excited of this technology? or are you afraid of it? What makes you excited? What makes you fearful of this technology? We’d love to hear from you! Please comment your thoughts below!


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