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In the United Kingdom statistics from 2009-2014 would show that about 3,611 people that were involved in car accidents were using their mobile phones. Last year about 9% of those interviewed admitted that they took a selfie while they were driving. That statistics in the UK alone is alarming, considering that the number of accidents that might have been caused by the use of mobile phones is increasing year after year. Not to mention the fact that this type of problem is not only confined in the UK it is happening globally if not in major cities worldwide.

texting while driving




The Mobile Phone Feature Solution

To solve this problem, the UK government is proposing that every mobile phone manufacturer will have to add a drive safe feature in their device and apps. The “drive safe” feature will lock the phone and the apps barring the user from using such when the phone detects that it is travelling more than the normal human walking or running speed or about more than 5mph.

Foreseen Problems

Implementation of this feature however is not without any complications. Although developing such feature will be very easy, considering that every phone manufacturer has a legion of brillant developers at their disposal. The legalities will actually become a problem when it comes to implementation. Right now there are still questions that needs to be answered before this requirement on mobile phones is going to be incorporated. It is still unclear on whether this proposal will push through and become a reality, an issue that is definitely worth following.

What do you think?

Should the government require mobile phone companies to add the “drive safe” feature in their mobile phone products? Should mobile phone companies voluntary add this feature? Would you support this initiative?  We’d like to hear your opinions, please do comment below!


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