A Creative Slogan Worths 100,000 Yuan – Dazu of Chongqing solicits promotional slogans from all over the world

CHONGQING, China, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Here’s a news report from iChongqing:

1000-armed Guanyin Statue at Dazu Rock Carvings
1000-armed Guanyin Statue at Dazu Rock Carvings

A cash reward of 100,000 yuan is now available to people with enthusiasm for travel, strong literary skills, active minds and innovative ideas.

From now until April 14, Dazu District of Chongqing will launch a global collection of slogans for city image and culture & tourism image.

Two slogans conveying glamour of Dazu

Dazu District is located in the west of Chongqing, 55 km away from the central downtown of Chongqing in the east and 155 km away from Chengdu in the west. Dazu has been world-known for the world cultural heritage Dazu Rock Carvings.

The collection of slogans is to tap into the profound historical and cultural heritage of Dazu, and further enhance its popularity, reputation and influence, according to the Dazu District Commission of Culture and Tourism Development.

In addition, it is stressed that the slogan of city image should be closely related to Dazu’s city development orientation, highlight its city and industry features, as well as the essence of its history and culture, reveal the characteristics of the times, and demonstrate its spirit and atmosphere. The slogan of culture and tourism image should suggest its historical and cultural heritage and characteristics of tourism resources. The slogan should be impressive, attractive, infectious, and easy to promote.

The slogans submitted should be pithy, with no more than 12 words, to "introduce Dazu in one sentence". It is required to attach the thoughts, concepts, and implication of the slogan within 200 words.

A Creative Slogan Worths 100,000 Yuan

The solicitation will select one winner of the Best Slogan Prize for City Image Promotion and 10 winners of Finalist Prize; one winner of the Best Slogan Prize for Culture and Tourism Image Promotion and also 10 winners of Finalist Prize.

To encourage engagement, the Finalist Prize winners can get 5,000 yuan worth of cash reward, and Best Slogan Prize winners 100,000 yuan.

How to Apply

 Any questions, please contact at Tel.: +86-19112810534.

People can submit  slogans to [email protected].

To know more details about the application procedures download the Application Form through the link:  http://www.dazu.gov.cn/qzfbm/qwhlyw/zwgk_53321/fdzdgknr_53323/lzyj_100471/qtgw_100473/202202/t20220215_10394152.html


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