51Talk flight attendant-turned-online English tutor makes the case for livelihood solutions during pandemic

MANILA, Philippines, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — COVID-19 continues to pummel the airline industry as the virus spreads and people are urged to stay home and not travel. Airline workers around the world are feeling uncertain, both for the security of their jobs and for their own health.

The protagonist of the story is Ann Pearl, a flight attendant who found hope and joy when she became an 51Talk online English tutor in the Philippines. Like so many airline industry workers, the 30-year-old new mother became grounded.

Ann Pearl has turned from an air hostess into online tutor this year.
Ann Pearl has turned from an air hostess into online tutor this year.

Ann Pearl was interviewed online by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach in July where she was inspired to pursue becoming an online teacher at 51Talk, a leading online English platform that connects Filipino teachers and Chinese students.

Ann Pearl has since become a popular home-based online English teacher among her students. Teaching from home with 51Talk allowed her to regain control of her life as she could now balance family duties with her newfound livelihood while remaining safe and healthy from COVID-19.

“In the past, I strive to bring your loved ones home. Now, I am teaching at home while helping cute students fall in love with their language learning,” Pearl shared.

Ann Pearl together with her colleague participate in the hit show in Oct.
Ann Pearl together with her colleague participate in the hit show in Oct.

Pearl’s story has won the favor from Pia Wurtzbach, and the female celebrity also invited her to participated in the hit variety show, It’s Showtime, to share her encouraging story to more audiences.

“I think her story deserves much more attention, hoping that more potential locals get inspired from her, and become an online tutor in the era of pandemic,” Pia believed.

When asked about her secret weapons to make online teaching more fun and engaging, Pearl said, “One thing amazing about online teaching is flexibility. However, you need to set some ground rules and stick to them.”

“Have your own teaching pace, but always be there for your students at the time that they are expecting you. Effective online tutoring is possible only when there is two-way communication,” Pearl said, adding that, “you need to understand the pace of the student and slow down or rush accordingly. It is because different students have varied understanding levels. So, planning your pace accordingly will also help.”

Pia Wurtzbach has become the face of 51Talk brand ambassador on July 6. The female star considers empowering Filipinos as her top advocacy, now more than ever when thousands of Filipinos have lost their livelihood due to the pandemic.

51Talk brand ambassador Pia Wurtzbach
51Talk brand ambassador Pia Wurtzbach

According to her, the pandemic has brought a huge impact to the lives of many Filipinos. Some people already lost their livelihood, maybe because their employers could no longer sustain expenses while some still go to work despite the transport challenges and these are actually some of the reasons why she wanted to be a part of the 51Talk family.

“51Talk has been dedicated to online education business for more than 9 years. On top of being a globally recognized and award-winning market leader in the e-education industry, the brand is the only online English education company listed on the New York Stock Exchange so far,” added Pia.

51Talk announced in May that 30,000 livelihood opportunities are offered this year for Filipinos whose livelihoods were affected by the pandemic.

Ann Pearl is well-received among her students in China.
Ann Pearl is well-received among her students in China.

“With the soaring demand for English-speaking teachers in China, there has probably never been a better time than right now to teach English online,” said Jack Huang, founder and CEO of 51Talk.

“As English is widely spoken in the Philippines, Filipinos have an advantage in becoming an online language tutor. At 51Talk, an online teacher can earn up to PHP 200 per hour if you born to be a teaching star,” the CEO added.

Like Ann Pearl you can also come home to 51Talk to start your online English teaching journey. Visit 51Talk’s website at www.51Talk.ph and sign-up today. 


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