5 Tips to Get Perfect Photos of Kids

Kid's Plating Water on Grass Field during DaytimeKids barely run out of energy. They run, trip off then stand up to play some more. They would look cute no matter what they do. This makes them the best subjects for photos. The problem is, we end up with blurred photos because we lose their attention.


Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips you can use to get that perfect smile or a candid of their funny monkey moments.

  1. Choose Sports in your camera’s scene mode selection. Since, sports are all about action, this mode was specifically made for capturing photos of such. It has a higher shutter speed than normal to freeze the action in a frame. Same with kids, we would need this so we can capture them in action even if they suddenly shift from doing one thing to another.
  2. You can use a longer lens for your DSLR to capture a busy moment. There are kids who are shy and feels uneasy in front of the camera. But if you want to capture a photo that looks natural, you can sit from afar and capture the moment of the kid doing something they love.
  3. Use multi autofocus on the focus mode of your camera. Kids naturally want to move around. To make sure that you get a clear photo of them and their environment, choose multi autofocus.
  4. Use multiple shots. Children change their expressions fast. If you use multiple shots, you’ll get an array of photos to choose from.
  5. Use the rule of thirds. Instead putting the child at the center of the image, place him/her a bit off to one side. Doing so, you make people appreciate the whole composition of the photo which include the child’s background.

Be fun like them.

Children, Play, Beach, Water, Sea, Fun, Jump

Children are fun in nature. Play with them and things will flow smoothly.

Above all the tips mentioned, we have to keep in mind that kids will always be kids. They’re fun and spontaneous. So to keep up with them, we have to learn how to play like them and to enjoy what we’re doing. So what are you waiting for? Have fun and enjoy taking awesome photos of your kids!


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2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Get Perfect Photos of Kids

  1. Lea May 7, 2018 at 10:40 am

    Thanks for the helpful tips! I could use them when taking photos of my little cousins! If you can’t beat them, join them, indeed! ?

    1. TechGirl May 9, 2018 at 3:47 am

      Exactly Lea! And when you’re able to make them feel at ease with you, it would be easier to capture their genuine and cute expressions. 🙂


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