4Paradigm Powers Yum China for IDC China Digital Transformer Awards

BEIJING, Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Beijing-Yum China Holdings, Inc. wins 2020 IDC China Digital Transformer in recognition of its clear strategy for advancing digitalization and 4Paradigm-empowered AI Mid-end solutions. At the 2020 IDC China Digital Transformation (IDC DX) Awards on October 16, Yum China was also named the Omni-Experience Innovator and Digital Trailblazer in the retail industry. Leila Zhang, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Yum China, also received the DX Leader award.

4Paradigm Powers Yum China for IDC China Digital Transformer Awards
4Paradigm Powers Yum China for IDC China Digital Transformer Awards

As one of the definitive awards for digitalization, the IDC DX Awards honor the achievements of organizations and individuals that have successfully applied disruptive technologies to digital transformation. In particular, the Awards celebrate digitally-enabled revolutions or milestones demonstrated in various sectors. The IDC organizing committee this year received over 500 nominations, which were collated, voted by the public and evaluated by an expert panel. Altogether 59 innovative projects and 22 representative figures, covering finance, retail, government, manufacturing and medical sectors, were laurelled.

Digital transformation is entering deep waters. It has become a core demand of enterprises to blaze new trails in business and rise to digital transformation challenges. As a leading restaurant company in China, Yum China strives to be the world’s most innovative pioneer in the restaurant industry and embarked on a digital transformation journey as early as in 2015. Yum China’s pathway to digital transformation starts from cloud infrastructure, followed by digitalized front contact, online core business, operation datamation, and to end-to-end intelligence, according to Leila Zhang. With digitally-enabled, data-driven and AI-supported full capacity, Yum China makes possible the smart innovation for general business scenarios, thereby enhancing both the user digital experience and revenue, and its core business edges.

IDC acknowledges Yum China’s extraordinary performance in digital transformation, including its efforts in operarting private domain traffic  to enhance ultimate user experience, and bolster business operations off line to boost efficiency and growth. Based on data collected and AI mid-end, Yum China takes the core recommendation service as a main channel of marketing to enhance customer experience. In addition, it integrates AI-enabled sales prediction, natural language processing and operational research into daily operations of the brand. In this way, marketing and operation will form an interconnected link that supports and enables each other. On the strength of data-driven and AI-driven capabilities, Yum China eventually fuels digitalization, datamation and intelligent transformation of the whole value chain, leading the all-round experience from consumer service to employee empowerment.

Yum China boasts abundant business scenarios, with multiple brands and complicated and changing businesses. This has resulted in varied underlying technological specifications, posing a huge challenge for AI integration. Yum China finds that the key to digital transformation lies in the way how unimpaired AI capacity can be tapped to enable various business scenarios in a fast, efficient, high-quality and cost-effective way.

Yum China effectively establishes an AI platform with the assistance of the platform strategy and full range of AI technologies and product systems by 4Paradigm. It helps Yum China to continuously operate and optimize multiple end-to-end digital comprehensive business links, including data assets consolidation, management of staff, supplies and venue of restaurants, sales contribution ratio, material management and tracking, and human resource costs of restaurants, in addition to giving Yum China a decisive lead over the industry counterparts in terms of cost, income, efficiency and user experience.

In respect of enhancing user experience, Yum China expands its online presence by centering on attracting the private traffic from apps and applets and building strong connections with customers. It takes customized order and recommendation system as the main channel to provide customers with individualized and targeted recommendations. As the Company keeps optimizing customer experience and improving average ticket , digital sales  register significant increase commensurately. Thanks to premium online business development and the fast pace of digital transformation, Digital orders accounted for approximately 86% of KFC Company sales in the second quarter. It helps Yum China become one of the few profitable restaurants in the first half of the year.

As to improvement of operating efficiency, Yum China pools its efforts in the rear end of the value chain, and establishes and integrates data bank assets. Based on AI mid-end, it enables sales prediction, supply chain management, and operating audit, human resources and marketing\, thereby putting in place various lines of business, ranging from restaurant operations, smart supply chain, and smart scheduling for restaurant managers location selection to delivery system dispatching, to maximize the business value.

Digital transformation has become a modus operandi for embracing digital economy. We will see more enterprises on the same pathway in the future. As an enabler that powers corporate intelligent transformation, 4Paradigm serves to propel your digital and economic transformation to the fast lane.


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