2022 ITOE – Consumer Electronics Expo Opens, Highlighting Strong Impetus of Intelligent Manufacturing

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hosted by CCPIT Guangdong Committee and organized by Guangdong Guangzhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the 2022 Guangdong Premium Products International Trade Online Expo – Consumer Electronics Expo (ITOE) (www.itoegd.com) has opened its doors to visitors. Taking place from Oct 24th to 28th, ITOE is welcoming more than 350 exhibitors from across China, making it one of the biggest technology events taking place in Guangdong this October.

People’s lifestyles have changed significantly over the past decade as a result of digital transformation. The ITOE – Consumer Electronics Expo has reflected the emerging trend of intelligent manufacturing and the limitless potential of Guangdong’s transition from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing."

This year, in addition to categories such as consumer electronics, audiovisual entertainment, intelligent wear, kitchen & bathroom, household appliances, home security systems, personal care appliances, and household appliances accessories, a large number of newly designed smart products will be presented, including watches, bracelets, lighting, showcasing the strengths of smart devices "Made-in-Guangdong".

The spokesperson from Shenzhen KTC Technology Co. Ltd noted that in order to compete in the international field, a company must continually improve its capacity to conduct independent research and development on core technology in critical sectors. On that basis, digitalization signals a major new direction for the home appliance business from Guangdong.

Many exhibitors at the Expo are debuting new devices with energy-saving and intelligence features. In light of the energy crisis taking place in Europe, Shenzhen ENM Electronic Technology Co, Ltd is exhibiting its newly designed, energy efficient outdoor solar streetlights. During the event, new 2022 Red Dot Award winners such as Heiman Technology’s annual ring K1 series and home air purifier of DongGuan SANZON Smart Home Products Co, Ltd will also be showcased. Shenzhen Promi Technology Co. Ltd makes its exhibition debut this year, unveiling their smart umbrella, which not only has an intelligent LED torch, but also carefully incorporates an alarm for the personal safety of the elderly.

The ITOE series events were held in light of Guangdong’s advantages in terms of a strong and optimized supply chain, the use of internet technology, and the limitless potential of cloud technology. It has paved a new way for Guangdong businesses to reach both local and international consumers, boosting the integrated growth of domestic and foreign commerce.


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