10 Best Tech Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

A mother, with all the sacrifices and unconditional love, undoubtedly deserve the best. But as we grow up, we get so busy with our lives and forget to show appreciation for their matchless efforts – though It’s never to late. So this coming Mother’s Day 2018 make sure to give your mom a heart-melting surprise.

Now that we are in a techie generation, don’t let your mom be left out.  Let’s go over the 10 Best Tech Gifts you can get for her.

Bluetooth speaker

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Bluetooth speakers are best for moms who love to listen to their favorite music even when they’re busy. When at home, all they have to do is to connect their smartphone to the speaker and enjoy listening while doing house chores. Moms can also bring the speaker everywhere they go so it can be used by those who love to dance Zumba with their friends or to do some work out routines at the park.

E-book reader

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If your mom is a bookworm, she’ll definitely love the e-book reader. Whether she reads before going to bed, while eating breakfast or when outside, she can just take it out of her bag and go back to the page she where she left off. And aside from being portable, she can fill her digital library with all the good reads that she’s interested in. She can have lots of collection without the hassle of keeping bunch of books with her.


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If your mom loves to jog every morning, smartwatch will be a nice gift for her. Even if she goes on jogging, she can easily check notifications by just looking at the watch. It will also be easier for her to tap next if she doesn’t like the song that’s playing. Aside from this, she can check her fitness progress with the step counter available in all smartwatches or other apps she can choose from.

Clip-on lens for phone


All moms love to capture moments whenever there are events or simply when the family is complete. With the clip-on lens available for phones, moms will never miss out on anything specially when you get to teach her on how to use the set (macro, fish-eye and wide-angle lenses).


Digital Photo Frame

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Moms are known to treasure and keep photos of the family as children grow up. Now that there’s digital photo frame, there’s no need for mom to bring out photo albums every time someone asks to see them because they’ll all be on display.

Roku Powered Stick

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Moms love watching series – and talk about it with their friends. Tired from the day’s work, nothing beats a night just sitting on the couch and watching her favorite series. With the Roku Powered Stick, there’s no way she’s going to miss an episode or an entire season! She’ll even have lots of series to choose from.

Wireless headphones

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Moms always move around the house doing house chores. So another option for a music lover mom aside from the bluetooth speaker would be the wireless headphones. She wouldn’t be bothered by cables and she can enjoy the music even if she goes to your house’s top floor.

Android Tablet

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Android tablet is such a friendly type of gadget for moms. It is portable and also can contain several file types such as videos, photos, music, apps and e-books. That means, your mom can do whatever she wants wherever and whenever as long as she has her tablet.

Intelligent Phone

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Phones being released right now are called intelligent phones. And one of the best that we can recommend you to give your loving mom is Asus Zenfone5. What separates it from the rest is that, its features are powered by Artificial Intelligence – inlcuding the camera, ringtone, battery and more. Apart from its intelligence, your mom will surely love the phone’s sleek design and wide screen best for watching her favorite series.

Ring Grip and Stand

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Your mom will never have to worry again about dropping her phone with this ring-grip and stand. Aside from this, she can watch videos by resting the phone on a table.



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