YouTube will issue a Strike to Channels with False Election Claims

YouTube made an announcement that any channel posting new video with false claims about the election will receive a strike.

Thousand of videos spreading misinformation claiming widespread voter fraud changed the result of the US 2020 election was removed over the last month said YouTube.

Furthermore, YouTube channels that have received strike are temporarily suspended from posting or livestreaming.

If a channel get a strike, YouTube will inform it through email, through notifications on mobile and desktop, and in the  channel settings.

The platform will also be informed of the following:

  • What content was removed
  • Which policies it violated (for example adult content or violence)
  • How it affects your channel
  • What you can do next

According to YouTube, the first violation is usually only a warning. 

The following things will happen if a channel get a strike:

First Strike

If YouTube find the content doesn’t follow their policies for the second time, the channel will get a strike and will not be able to do the following for a week and the the full privileges will be restored automatically after the 1-week period.

  • Upload videos, live streams, or stories
  • Create custom thumbnails or Community posts
  • Created, edit, or add collaborators to playlists
  • Add or remove playlists from the watch page using the “Save” button
  • Show a trailer during your Premieres
  • Send viewers from a live stream to a Premiere or send viewers from a Premiere to a live stream

Second Strike

For 2 weeks the channel won’t be able to post content if a channel get a second strike within the same 90-day period as the first strike according to YouTube.

In additon,after the 2-week period if there are no further issue, the full privileges will be restored automatically.

Third Strike

In the platform’s guideline,Three strikes in the same 90-day period will cause the channel to be permanently removed from YouTube.

Note: Each strike expires in 90 days from the time it’s issued and that deleting the content will not remove the strike.

Source: YouTube Twitter, YouTube Help


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