Vivowatch Now Available In The Philippines

asus vivowatch

The Vivowatch is the first wearable device developed by ASUS. A wearable that is geared towards fitness and wellness. They have recently announced that the Vivowatch is now available in the Philippines. It’s focus on wellness and fitness makes it a must watch to have to anyone who wants to track their daily health routines. The Vivowatch also have a happiness index that gives you information on how healthy and happy the user is.


More Features of the Vivowatch

The Vivowatch is designed to be worn all day everyday, this is why this ASUS wearable is made to have a 10-day battery life. One of the longest battery life in this category. With its IP67 water resistant watch case makes the Vivowatch a good watch to wear anywhere.

Vivowatch Continous Heart Monitoring

With its exclusive optical sensor the Vivowatch can safely, continuously and accurately monitor the heart rate of the user. It is because of this accurate measurement and coupled with other data such as the age and gender, the Vivowatch can provide information for the user regarding the right intensity of exercise in order to promote cardiovascular health.

asus vivowatch

Vivowatch Activity and Sleep Tracking

By continuously monitoring the wearers heart rate, combined with the VivoPulse technology the Vivowatch can accurately measure the calories that the user burns in a day. During sleep, the Vivowatch can track the wearers’ hear rate, sleep time and movements. When the user wakes up he or she will be able to see how much sleep was done and how much of that is a comfort sleep. With this information, the user can now know the right time and sleeping habits that he or she should follow in order to have more comfort sleep.

Vivowatch Happiness Index

One of the unique characteristics of the Vivowatch is its ability to provide the happiness index of the user. The Happiness Index is based on the wearers activity level and quality of sleep. A low score in the Happiness Index means that the user must make some lifestyle changes to improve his or her daily activity level and quality of sleep. A better healthy lifestyle will mean a higher happiness index score.

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Personal and Family Care Features

The fact that the Vivowatch is able to easily synchronize with the ASUS HiViVo smartphone app or the ASUS healthcare website it will allow users to store and see their exercise history, sleep quality among others. By tracking these , the user will have a better insight on whether his or her fitness goals are being met.

The Vivowatch is indeed one of the powerful smartwatch in its category. It would be informative to see how the Philippine market  accepts or reject the said technology.


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