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Kata T4 Dent

There are a few times when we really would like to recommend buying an item. One of those times is when we think that you will really get a very good deal out of it. We have reviewed the Kata T4 last year and we were pretty much impressed not only on its performance but also in the variety of uses you can do with a Kata T4.

Dent Kata T4

Why Are We Recommending Now?

Kata T4 Dent
The Dent After Dropping The Kata T4

We have the Kata T4 since last year and having used it for a while now, we noticed how durable the Kata T4 is. It has been dropped, unintentionally if we may add, several times and still the Kata T4 is working properly. The biggest blow was when it was dropped on a concrete floor and it created a dent on one of the edges of the Kata T4 Tablet. Talk about durability! It is because of this proven durability that we are making again this recommendation to buy the Kata T4 Tablet especially so today! The Kata T4 Weekend Sale will end today and if you purchase a Kata T4 Tablet today you can acquire it for only P4,999.

sale Kata T4

If you buy a Kata T4 Today you will also get a Kata T4 Flip Cover and a Kata T4 Screen Protector for Free!

So what are you waiting for? Buy a Kata T4 Now!



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