Vezo 360 – The First 4K 360 Degrees Smart Dash Cam

Dashcams are everywhere, ever since people realized the importance of having a dashcam installed in their car for security reasons the sale for dashcams have exploded! Today, videos captured via dashcams are used as evidences to prove innocence or guilt whenever there are traffic violations committed. Sometimes, dashcam videos are shared on social media especially those that were able to capture funny, interesting or informative videos. It is because of the demand on dashcams that e-commerce sites are selling lots of them.

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The Problem with Dashcams

Although dashcams are among the cool tech that came out for vehicles in the last 5 years, these devices has its own limitations. For one, you can only capture what is in front of the camera, which means you will not be able to capture if you, say, got hit from the side of your vehicle, unless of course you install several cameras all around your vehicle which is really impractical and not cost-efficient.

Another thing is that dashcams are more of a passive security device which happens to only activate when the accident already happened. Some dashcams will automatically lock the recording when it detects an accident on the vehicle, this will stop anyone from deleting the footage that was captured before, during and after the accident.

Some dashcams are only active when the car is turned on, which makes it irrelevant when the car is deactivated or parked.

The Vezo 360

It is because of these problems that the Vezo 360 was developed. This dashcam is considered as a Smart Dash cam because of the the fact that it does more that what a regular dash cam can do. Contrary to a regular dashcam however, the Vezo 360 is more of an active dashcam it could help detect driver condition and actively guard your vehicle even when parked.

The Vezo 360 Driver Alert

Driver condition is very important, most accidents are due to the driver falling asleep while on the road. This why the developers of Vezo 360 included an AI infused face detection technology that will scan the drivers face for signs of drowsiness and then alerts the driver. This active feature will help reduce accidents caused by driver condition.

No Blindspots with Vezo 360

Regular dashcams can only “see” what’s in front of the camera thus, there are several blindspots which cannot be captured or monitored. The Vezo 360 solves the problem by fitting this smart dashcam with a 4K 360 camera. This gives the driver a 360 degrees view of the surroundings, minimizing any blindspots.

The Vezo 360 is a Guard Dog

The Vezo 360 provides 24/7 monitoring when your car is parked. This is because this smart dashcam is fitted with motion sensors which activates the camera when unusual movements are detected. It is also equipped with a LED crime deterrent light. To ensure that the device is active even when the car is turned off the Vezo 360 has its own internal battery. When connected in a Wifi or 3G network the Vezo 360 can send you live updates from your car.

Superior Memory Management

Keeping the data captured by the device is very important especially when videos captured are essential for content sharing or as evidence in a traffic accident. With the Vezo 360 your data is kept secured because of its loop recording that prevents data loss, not only can you store your videos in the Micro SD card, you can also upload the videos via cloud.

Vezo 360 Dashcam Variants and Price

The Vezo 360 comes in two variants the Vezo 360 Standard and the Vezo 360 with AI. The only difference between the two is that the AI version has that AI Drowsiness Detection Alert feature. The Vezo 360 is currently in Indiegogo funding campaign which means it is still in pre-production and which also means that it is relatively cheaper than its actual retail price later on. The Standard version is priced at $199 while the AI version is priced at $229, the intended retail price later on is $299.82 for the Standard version and $349.82 for the AI Variant.

Watch the Vezo 360 Video

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