20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers 2019

We all have at least one photographer in our group of friends or an aspiring photographer within our family. And for this coming Christmas 2019 let’s not forget to surprise them with a thing or two from this list. Listed below are the 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers on this year 2019. 

20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers

1. Portable Photo Studio/Light Box

A photo of a portable photo studio within the 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers list.

Portable Studios or Light Boxes are often small, foldable, and has lights within. These boxes are like enclosed tents which helps photographers, pro or beginners, when it comes to getting good or even great catalog-style photos of small subjects such as action figures, fruits, cupcakes, and any other items that are small enough to fit the studio. The size of the ideal subject may vary depending on the size of the portable studio. I’m pretty sure that if your friend is so into indoor photography, he or she will find this device useful. 

2. Phone Tripod 

A photo of a phone tripod within the 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers list.

Tripods are also vital not just in taking steady videos but also in taking steadier photos, especially when you’re aiming to get it with long exposure, so if you are still looking for the right gift for your photographer friend, especially if he or she is more on phone or mobile photography, you may want to know if he/she already has a Phone Tripod of his/her own. Well, if not, this could be one of your choices within this list.

3. Ring Light with Tripod and Phone Holder

A photo of a ring light within the 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers list.

Well, photography isn’t all about going outdoors to take breathtaking landscapes or street stories. Some photographers prefer to take portrait photos indoors that is all set up with fancy or minimalist background plus, of course, necessary lights such as a Ring Light. So if your photographer friend or family is among the talented photographers who prefer this kind of set up, you may consider getting him or her a Ring Light that is already complete with its tripod and even with a phone holder.

4. Portable LED Light

A photo of portable LED lights within the 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers list.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – another light?!  Well if your photographer friend or family is all about taking photos with as much detail possible even when it’s dark or if he or if he/she needs a backlight to highlight his/her subject, a Portable LED Light would really be a great help. So if you’re still looking for the best Christmas gifts for your photographer family and friends, you might want to consider giving them a Portable LED Light or at least any other items within this list.

5. Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control Shutter 

A photo of a tripod within the 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers list.

A Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control Shutter works for Mobile Phones, DSLR, and Sports Cameras, but still, the compatibility of the devices with this kind of tripod will still be depending on the brand and model of the tripod itself. I am positive that this kind of tripod is one of the best Christmas gifts a photographer would be delighted to receive. 

6. Wireless Bluetooth Shutter Remote for Phone

A photo of a bluetooth shutter remote within the 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers list.

If your photographer friend or family already has a tripod but is still in need of a wireless shutter remote, well no need to give a Tripod with Bluetooth Remote Control Shutter. Instead, a Wireless Bluetooth Shutter Remote for Phone would be a good gift as well. The best Christmas gifts don’t always need to be costly after all. 

7. Clip-on Lens

A Clip-on Lenses would often be compatible to both phones and tablets. There are wide lens, fish-eye lens, and macro lens to choose from. These are easy to use since this kind of lenses are just to be clipped-on, as its name implies. There’s also a set of these lenses that can be bought if you want to have it all. So for your family or friends who are so into phone or mobile photography, these lenses would make such a good gift.

8. Zoom Lens for Phone

There’s another lens for phones that would be one of the best Christmas gifts for mobile photographers and it’s the Zoom Lens for Phone. There are a lot of stunning landscapes out there that some phones couldn’t afford to take photos of because of its zooming capacity, but with a zoom lens made for phones, it might just become possible. Think it’s an awesome gift? Then you might as well wrap one for yourself, because I personally plan to get myself one as well.

9. Camera Lenses

Are your photographer family and friends still use their kit lens? Camera Lens is not one of the most affordable gifts within this list. We are all aware of that I bet, but we know worth it when we see one. There are different Canon, Nikon, and Fujifilm camera lenses out there that are less expensive than others, so keep looking. This kind of gift is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts a photographer could ever unwrap on Christmas eve.

10. Camera Shoulder Bag

Every photographer would want to keep their camera safe all the time – both when being taken outside or just when being rested on the cabinet. That’s why Camera Shoulder Bag would definitely make a good gift as well. Even pair it with other camera accessories before wrapping it if you wish.

11. Camera Backpack

Does your photographer friend already has a complete set of lenses and other camera accessories and you have no idea what else to give to someone who has it all? Worry not. A Camera Backpack would make a very useful gift to your photographer friend if that’s the case. Such backpack is built to handle different lenses and camera accessories with its different compartments. 

12. Camera Trolley Hard Case

Does your photographer friend even have more camera lenses and accessories than you could ever imagine? Plus, does your photographer friend fancy to travel a lot to take stunning photos around the world? Well, if you think that a Camera Backpack wouldn’t be enough, do know that a Camera Trolley Hard Case is a thing. Just like a camera backpack, it has separate compartments as well to accommodate different camera lenses and accessories. No doubt that this is one of the best Christmas gifts out there for your photographer friend.

13. Waterproof Soft Camera Lens Pouch

This is another gift idea that could work. If you can’t afford to give a photographer a lens, well a Soft Camera Lens Pouch might also do. I’ve seen some acquaintances use socks to cover their camera lenses, so if you’ve seen your photographer friends do the same at some point, perhaps they’d be glad to receive a bit of an upgrade. 

14. Camera Hand Grip Strap

One of photographers’ greatest fear is accidentally dropping their camera and breaking and hopelessly breaking it or at least its lens. And so, a Camera Hand Grip Strap made it to this list. The best Christmas Gifts aren’t always the most expensive ones; it could be the most useful ones. Aside from a Camera Hand Grip Strap, there’s another choice of a camera strap which is a Camera Shoulder Sling Belt. Easily grab the camera when a captivating moment or landscape appears with Camera Shoulder Sling Belt. Your photographer family or friend sure wouldn’t miss a great shot anymore with this kind of gadget.

15. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Okay, this one has nothing to do with taking breathtaking photos, but a Camera Lens Coffee Mug still has something to do with someone’s love for cameras and taking photos. Some of the Camera Lens Coffee Mug out there even look so much like the real deal and it would be nothing but cool to be sipping on such a creative-looking mug. I would honestly even want one for myself.

16. Camera Shaped Flash Drive

A Camera Shaped Flash Drive would also make a cute gift for your photographer friend. This might not become one of the factors why he or she would get great photos, but hey it actually looked like a camera and it could make a great storage for your friend’s stunning photos. The storage size of this may vary depending on where you’ll buy it and/or what its brand would be.

 17. Camera Keychains

Here’s another item that isn’t actually a camera nor a camera accessory, but is still pretty cute. Some Camera Keychains has fancy designs and there are some that looked like the real deal even with LED lights installed. These are one of those best Christmas gifts which aren’t too expensive and extremely easy to wrap! 

 18. Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer

A photo of a paperang thermal printer within 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers list.

This is an adorable gift for anyone who is into phone or mobile photography. Photos from phone could easily be transferred to paper, and to scrapbook or photo album really quick with a Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer. But unlike other printers, this portable Bluetooth printer uses a special kind of paper which is a thermal paper. So if you’re going to give your family or friend a portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer, you better go get him or her extra thermal paper rolls as well.

19. Phone!

A photo of a xiami mi 9T phone within 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers list.

There are a lot of phones these days that have high quality cameras that could even match the quality of photos that have been produced by a camera. So if your family or friend is more focused on phone or mobile photography, then there’s no doubt that he or she will be more than happy to receive an awesome gift such as a new phone!

20. Camera!

A photo of a canon capera within the 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers list.

This is the last but definitely not the least in this 20 Best Christmas Gifts for Photographers list. Camera! Photographers, both beginners and pros, would sure love to receive such an awesome gift. This isn’t so affordable, but if the digits are the least of your concerns, go make a photographer so happy with a camera.

Easily find these Best Christmas Gifts!

Those are just some of the things you can give to your photographer or aspiring photographer family or friend. There are still other awesome items that might also make such great Christmas gifts, so if the perfect gift that you are looking for isn’t in this list, keep looking for more! All of these amazing products could be easily added to cart and bought via Lazada and by the way, Lazada will be having their Black Friday & TGIPayday Sale. Don’t miss it!

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