Twitter Starts Testing Their Version of Stories Called Fleets

Many of the known social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and even YouTube now have their own version of Stories. Social media Stories, as we know it, may be in a form of text, photo, video, GIF, or a mixture of the elements mentioned, and it vanishes after 24 hours, thus it’s entirely different from a regular post or update. Speaking of Stories, Twitter, also one of the most popular social media platforms these days is also already joining the storytelling bandwagon with their very own Stories feature, which they call the Fleets.

Twitter Fleets Feature

Twitter starts testing their version of Stories called Fleets
Screenshot from @TwitterBrasil Tweet

The all-new Tweeter Fleets, just like any other Stories feature out there, will entirely make Stories (Fleets) disappear after 24 hours. Fleets won’t receive Likes, Replies, and of course Retweets. Also, Fleets won’t show up in Search or Moments and it can’t be embedded on external websites.

One of the Twitter Fleets features that sets it apart from the Stories feature of some of the known social media platforms is the way the Fleets can be viewed. When the usual way of viewing multiple Stories made by one user is to tap on the side of the screen, in Fleets the right gesture is to swipe down. And to be able to move to the next person’s Fleet, the gesture is just the same as the others – swipe left.

Where to see Twitter Fleets?

Twitter Fleets can be easily seen. There will be rounded profile icons at the top of the testers’ Twitter’s mobile timeline, just like where Stories from some other social media platforms can be seen. The first icon shaped like a thought bubble with the testers’ profile photo in it has a “+” button which the testers should tap to be able to compose their Fleet.

These current features and gestures for the Twitter Fleets could still be changed depending on the feedback it will get from the testers. Testers will be trying this new function and are encouraged to Tweet using the #FleetsFeedback hashtag to get their feedback. Twitter Fleets is going to be available in Brazil on their Twitter App (iOS or Android) within this week for testing.

About the Twitter Fleets Testers

Twitter starts testing their version of Stories called Fleets
Screenshot from @TwitterBrasil Tweet

“Since Brazil is one of the countries where people talk the most on Twitter, with many of you passionate about speaking and following other Brazilians on the platform, we are excited to test the new functionality here. Based on the test, we’ll learn how the existence of a new way of talking changes the way you interact on Twitter and whether it allows you to share what you’re thinking more comfortably.”

Based from the the blog post made by Mo Al Adham, Twitter Product manager

Are you excited to try this new Twitter feature?

Personally, I’m kind of excited to try this feature. What about you? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Also, for more news, updates, tips and tricks about tech, the internet, photography, and gaming for non-techies and techies alike visit TechToGraphy.

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