TikTok Announced New Parental Control Feature

TikTok has a new feature which is called the Family Safety Mode. This new feature is designed to help parents and guardians limit and restrict teenagers usage of the popular app, TikTok. Family Safety Mode will also be a big help in ensuring teenage children’s safety. 

How can Parents Enable Family Safety Mode?

To enable the new feature, parents and guardians should first create their TikTok account that is linked to their children’s accounts. Once enabled, the parents can now control some of the features that will restrict their kids in changing the settings of their account without parent’s approval. 

Features Parents Can Control

Once enabled, the parent or guardian will be able to control TikTok’s Digital Wellbeing feature including these three.

Screen Time Management

Restricted Mode

Direct Messages

The features above are already in the app and users can just set or manage the settings of each. Through the new Family Safety Mode, parents can now be involved in managing these features.

Where to Download TikTok?

You can download the TikTok app on Google Play Store.

Availability of the New Feature

According to TikTok’s announcement, the app’s new feature plus the Screentime Management in Feed are already available and ready to use in the UK. In the coming weeks, these TikTok features will be made available in additional countries.

Is TikTok’s Family Safety Mode feature something you would use? Share your opinions on the comment section. 

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