Reddit is currently down

Developing Story:

Redditors worldwide are reporting that Reddit is down. Upon checking the website we got to a page saying that “Our CDN was unable to reach our Servers”, thus confirming that Reddit is down.

The error page also indicated a link to check for the current status of the website. In the Reddit status, the website the admins indicated that there are a lot of errors being reported on the website and they are currently investigating. This notification was posted on Feb. 19 04:10 PST. As of now, there are no new updates.

Update 04:59 PST – Admins are still currently investigating the issue

Update 05:11 PST – Admins have identified the issue and fix is being implemented

UPDATE 05:24 PST – Admins implemented the fix and currently observing the results. At this time Reddit is also up and running.

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