Teen who tracked Elon Musk’s plane now targets Russian oligarchs

Russian Oligarch Jets

Remember the teen that tracked Elon Musk’s private plane and keeps everyone updated on twitter? Well he’s got a new target this time he made it his mission to track the Russian Oligarchs. This move is in his own way of responding to the atrocious invasion done by Russia in Ukraine.

If you have been following the war in Ukraine which reach its 5th day of intense battle, you would know that aside from Ukraine’s own citizens fighting to keep their country’s freedom and independence, most of the world, including Russian citizens have come together to protest the invasion and help Ukraine’s effort to defend their country from the aggression of Russia.

Jack Sweeney, the teenager who recently made news for creating a Twitter account tracking Elon Musk’s plane was offered by the tech billionaire $5,000 to take down the account citing security reasons. Sweeney however, declined and demanded $50,000 as a counteroffer saying that a lot of effort was put into making the account. Musk has reportedly declined the counter-offer.

The latest tweets of Russian Oligarch Jets show that some Russian Oligarchs are still able to fly to and from countries outside of Russia. As of the publication of this article, the said Twitter account now has more than 105K followers.




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