Sony ZV-1 the Vlogger’s Camera

As a content creator, one has to invest in the necessary “gears”, from cameras, lenses to lighting equipment. Unfortunately, in all of our search for the perfect camera for vlogging on YouTube and creating content, we could say there is definitely none. But one camera comes close and that is the Sony ZV-1.

The Sony ZV-1 is Created for Vloggers and Content Creators

This is the first time (at least as far as we know), that Sony has created a camera with the content creator in mind, specifically a Vlogger. The size alone makes it really handy and easy to bring anywhere you go. No need to lug around that bulky DSLR and several lenses. Of course, we do not say that DSLR’s are a thing of the past, what we are saying is that for vlogging? DSLR might not be the first camera of choice.

Photo of the Sony ZV-1 camera

Lens and Sensor

Aside from the size, the Sony ZV-1 is also equipped with a 25.5-70mm F1.8-2.8 lens, which does the job in terms of easy focusing. Not to mention the fact that it can actually work great even in low light conditions. Why do vloggers need these features? Well, if you are vlogging outdoors lighting conditions can change drastically and since movement is involved you will definitely need a camera to focus easily lest you want your video to appear blurry. With regards to photo quality, the Sony ZV-1 is equipped with a 1″ 20-megapixel sensor. This combination also allows you to shoot in bokeh, a feature that is sought after especially for product shots.

The Sony ZV-1 Video Capability

Because the Sony ZV-1 was developed with the vlogger / content creator in mind. The quality of video captures are also amazing considering the compact design of this camera. The Sony ZV-1 is capable of recording 4K Videos at 30 fps. It can also record HD quality videos at 120 fps.

Sony ZV-1 Audio

What is a vlog without good audio right? While you might want to still have a wireless microphone for crisp and clear sound. The Sony ZV-1 directional three-capsule mic with wind screen will do, until such time you have the budget to buy those expensive wireless microphones.

The Accessories

You can buy the Sony ZV-1 camera on its own or you can level it up with these following accessories:

  • Shooting Grip
  • Shooting Grip with Wireless Remote Commander
  • Remote Commander
  • VPR1 Remote Control with Multi-Terminal Cable
  • XYST1M Stereo Mic for Multi-Media Interface Shoe

These accessories will take your camera to the next level, however, one accessory does stand out and that is the Shooting grip. With the shooting grip you can turn your camera into a vlogging camera, you know the one where you have to use a gimbal to stabilize your shots? While the shooting grip does not promise a most stable video capture, it does provide you with the convenience of holding your camera “vlogging-style”.

Is the Sony ZV-1 the Perfect Camera For Vloggers?

I wouldn’t know if it is perfect, because there are after all different vlogging styles. Some involves a lot of movement, some, do not. However, the lightweight and handy-ness of the camera is a plus especially if you are the type of vlogger who document daily activities and not just sit in front of the camera. The capabilities of the lens and sensors, not to mention the 4k video recording capacity of the Sony ZV-1 allows content creators to make or capture high quality videos, which as we all know, people really love.

Photo of a vlogger using the Sony ZV-1 Camera

Should You Buy the Sony ZV-1?

For its price of about $750-$800, if you are starting out in your vlogging career, that price is definitely too steep. Every successful vlogger have their starter camera with specs lower than the Sony ZV-1, but if you really want to get ahead with the quality of videos your provide your audience and you have set aside a budget for your vlogging gears, then it is a good choice. Just remember, if you are starting out, you do not have to spend much to create your first video.

For the full specs visit the SONY ZV-1 Website

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