SMART and ZALORA Launched MePay

Working online requires one to have a credit card or a debit card for that matter, surprisingly for me i am unable to get a credit card which disables me from conducting online transactions, there are days when i longed for a credit card in order for me to purchase an item online, but i guess living in an emerging market like the Philippines i have to accept the fact that online transactions for me is next to impossible, until now.

Scouring my Facebook newsfeed for a last minute update before we close shop for the day at the techtography office i chanced upon an announcement about MePay. Apparently MePay is a payment system that allows you to shop online without having a credit card. All you need is your mobile number and you are all set to register, just make sure that your mobile number is active as you are supposed to receive a verification code for security purposes. You will of course have to supply your legal name, chosen password and a security question the answer to which you must also know.

Where Can You Use MePay?

That is of course the question, the promise of enabling you to transact online without any credit card is of course enticing but what are the different online stores that will allow you to transact with? Right now according to their website, Zalora is the only one accepting MePay but there are more merchants coming in like Easy Taxi, Food Panda, ClickBus, TripDa and more.

More Options For Your Convenience

After creating my account with gives me 100 pesos credits for me to use by the way, i saw three options that i knew would make MePay to be more than an online payment system for merchants because aside from purchasing you can also use MePay to send money to someone (remittance), Buy Eload and Pay Your Bills. Which means goodbye to long queue’s and transportation hassles, you only need to top up your MePay and you’re all set. With over 30,000 top up centers in the Philippines i’m sure that’ll be convenient enough.

More To Come

Who wouldn’t want to be able to transact online without the use of a credit card? I hope more merchants will be added to the MePay list though, especially airlines so that we could already buy tickets online whenever airline companies announce their promo sales. But for now this is a great start for MePay and we definitely are on the look out for what’s to come.




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