Simple Guide to Organizing a Photoshoot

Ok before i become addicted to playing a “burger” game on iPhone, i need to inform you guys about my experience in organizing a photoshoot. Basically i am not what you can call an expert in organizing events, and definitely i am not an expert in organizing photoshoots. I take photos of our family during birthdays and other occassions, i take photos of those that i blog like food but i have never experienced organizing a photoshoots. The reason why i am emphasizing it is because i would’nt want to give you the impression that i should be an expert in such field, because i am not.

How it Started

It all started when i was encouraged by one of the models whom i got to know during a pageant shoot in Baguio City, she requested a portfolio shoot her and her friends, as someone who does not want to back out on any challenges i gladly accepted. But to my surprise organizing such an event is really both fun and tiring experience. Fun because i get to meet people and at the same time squeezing my creative juices thinking of compositions and poses for the models. Tiring because of the paperworks and stuff. However, one thing is really certain, anybody with the passion and motivation can organize a photoshoot.

My Photoshoot Self-Guide

So these are the things that i came up with as go along organizing this event.

1. What’s The Idea?  – first a concept must be brewing in your mind once you decided you want to carry the burden of organizing a photoshoot. Put your creative juices to work but do not squeeze them just yet since you will be needing them on the day of the shoot. Just think of a concept, toy around with different ideas and decide on what you want to do.

2. Venue – now that you have a concept think of a venue. If you are shooting on a public place make sure that you secure the necessary permits, otherwise you might find your shoot to be packed up before it even starts, you do not want the police to be raining down on your parade. Lucky for us Azalea Residences was kind enough to open their hotel for our photoshoot.

3. Models – looking for models would not be difficult, put the word out, and if you really do not have any budget for the shoot, go for an x-deal, models time in exchange for a portfolio for them. You can also do online advertising by posting your work via social media.

4. Photographers – this is also an easy one, invite photographer friends, and definitely there will be people who will be interested to join the shoot. Just make it clear that there might be some costs to pay like for models Hair And Make-up among others, and that there will be some work required of them like preparing model’s portfolios etc..

5. Cost – as much as possible costs should be at a minimum especially if you are not collecting anything for the shoot, you do not want to shell out you own money too i bet, but if you are willing to invest why not? But what you have to understand is that there will always be costs, like photographer and models food, wardrobe rentals among others so make sure you prepare. How much? that would depend on the extent of the shoot.

6. Wardrobe – if your concept is as simple as a glam shot you my just want your models to wear smart casual attire but it you have a specific concept requiring special wardrobes then it would be best to find a tailor shop or a wardrobe shop that will be willing to lend you some of their clothes for the shoot, if not be ready to rent some, again costs. We were lucky that Bridal Town were kind enough to lend us some of their wedding dress.

Other Preparations

The day before the shoot make sure you have the following prepared:

1. Camera and lenses – make sure that your camera and lenses are in top shape, make sure that you have them cleaned, you do not want to have blurry or flawed photos after the shoot.

2. Flash – be ready for any lighting condition bring a decent flash for your camera, having your flash handy saves you the trouble of looking for and waiting for the right lighting conditions.

3. Tripod – hands not steady enough? bring a tripod, this saves me a lot of memory spaces since i dont have to do several shots in one pose just because my hands are not steady enough.

4. Other Accessories – bring every accessory that you have of course only those that will be useful in your shoot. Bring out those reflectors, umbrellas and studio lights if necessary. Just make sure you wont regret not bringing them later on.


Organizing photoshoots requires a lot of creative thinking as well as prudence, but again this is doable, just make sure you have the right motivation and purpose for the shoot and you will never go wrong. Last formula maybe is to pray, prayer got me through the event.


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