SHL Smart Interview to integrate with Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Integration with the most popular platforms continues SHL’s transformation of the video interviewing landscape 

LONDON, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SHL today announced that it will integrate its live interviewing technology, Smart Interview, with popular video conferencing technology including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. SHL customers will be able to leverage their familiar video conferencing platforms with SHL Smart Interview technology helping recruiters and hiring managers schedule and conduct interviews with ease.

SHL's Smart Interview will soon integrate with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
SHL’s Smart Interview will soon integrate with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

SHL’s Smart Interview offers an intuitive tool to quickly screen, interview and hire the most qualified candidates. Its on-demand feature streamlines early-stage screening by auto-evaluating candidate video responses, allowing recruiters a faster and more accurate shortlist of top talent while removing the bias and scalability limits associated with standard resume screening. And the live interview tool offers several additional features such as a pre-defined question panel and candidate rating forms delighting both candidates and hiring managers while also using their favorite video conferencing platform.

Identifying the best talent from among thousands of applications is no easy feat and made even more sluggish by traditional methods of early-stage screening. Face-to-face interviews have been severely impacted in 2020 as well: 86 percent of organizations now conduct interviews virtually, but more than half of recruiters say they find it difficult to execute those interviews successfully.

"SHL’s Smart Interview is built to deliver an application experience that allows your brand to stand out in this highly competitive job market," said Andy Bradshaw, SHL’s CEO. "Our immersive technology captures candidate attention from the very start with branded, interactive experiences that can be seamlessly integrated with your ATS and video conferencing platform."

Finally, SHL brings scalability to candidate screening with optional help from the company’s transparent artificial intelligence engine. Recruiters and hiring managers gain even deeper insight into a candidate’s capabilities and fit with the help of an unmatched portfolio of assessments.

Leading organizations across the world have been relying on Smart Interview to streamline their interview processes, experiencing up to 60 percent reductions in average time to hire, thousands of recruiting hours saved, decreases in candidate withdrawal, and dramatic increases in candidate satisfaction.

SHL is making its Zoom and Teams capabilities available to select customers now, with wider availability scheduled by the end of the year.

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