Refinery29, and Bauer Media USA Choose EX.CO’s Innovative Content Technology Solution for Publishers

EX.CO expands its Channels offering, used by top-tier, global publishers, with new innovations.

NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — EX.CO – The Experience Company, a leading global content technology, today announced strategic partnerships with Refinery29, and Bauer Media USA who are joining the list of premium publishers using the Channels by EX.CO video and mobile-first monetizable content solution. With unparalleled, smart technology, fully customizable video formats, and unique brand messaging-to-content pairing algorithms, the solution is primed to help publishers seamlessly promote their own content, enhance the on-site experience for readers, and optimize monetization efforts.

Refinery29, and Bauer Media USA Choose EX.CO’s Innovative Content Technology Solution for Publishers, Channels by EX.CO.
Refinery29, and Bauer Media USA Choose EX.CO’s Innovative Content Technology Solution for Publishers, Channels by EX.CO.

Newly added Channels by EX.CO content feeds and first-of-their kind video formats offer publishers the flexibility to showcase their existing content in a manner that enhances the look and feel of their sites, measurably improving readers’ experiences, while simultaneously increasing engagement and revenue. is now using EX.CO‘s newly launched Video Teasers format, which enables publishers to loop a preview of existing & clickable video content via an MRSS feed or API endpoint within EX.CO‘s lightweight video solution.

"Salon has four years of working history with companies that offer video player plus monetization solutions, but none have delivered value and RPMs like we’ve seen from EX.CO this year," said Justin Wohl, Chief Revenue Officer at "We were drawn to work with EX.CO by their innovative video formats – particularly the Channels Video Teasers format – as they enable us to showcase our original video content across Salon. It’s important to us that our audience can regularly discover the great work we’re doing in video and see clips that are contextually relevant to the articles they’re reading. As an added bonus, accessibility to the entire EX.CO team has been fantastic. This is a true partnership."

Paul Bybel, Business Lead – Digital, Bauer Media USA shared, "Bauer Media USA’s mission is to serve and inspire the women who engage with our brands. Our top criteria when assessing new partners is whether they can help us provide additional value to our audience, and whether they can offer solutions that look native on each of our sites. Channels by EX.CO fit the bill on both of these criteria– helping us drive readers to more pages across our sites with their RSS content feed, and bring in revenue which is crucial in this environment."

"We’re thrilled to have partnered with these leading publishers to help them simultaneously showcase the content that resonates with readers, and in a manner that makes a positive impact on revenue," said Matt Trotta, General Manager of North America at EX.CO. "Digitally savvy readers have extremely high expectations of publishers these days, which is why we’re constantly iterating and innovating on the Channels by EX.CO product to provide a smart solution that premium publishers can use to put their content front and center."

Channels by EX.CO is trusted by over 500 leading publishers around the globe for its content technology, reaching over 1.2 billion people monthly. Publishers using Channels by EX.CO can choose from a variety of content sources to use in the lightweight player– their own articles, videos, teasers of their videos, or pre-made video playlists. Then, publishers can customize the look, feel and placement of the Channels by EX.CO product to include bespoke branding and fresh format options. Channels by EX.CO’s smart technology and unique algorithms work automatically to then optimally match brand messaging with contextually relevant content to enhance the consumption journey for audiences worldwide. In addition, publishers and businesses globally use the EX.CO Platform to create interactive content experiences that can be embedded in any owned assets.

About EX.CO
EX.CO is the leading technology used by businesses and publishers worldwide to drive results through impactful content. The EX.CO Platform is a technology that enables brands and publishers to create interactive content that increases engagement, dwell times and conversion rates. Channels by EX.CO is a content-driven video solution for publishers. Founded in 2012, the company today has employees in four cities worldwide, and funding by investors including The Walt Disney Company, Saban Ventures, Viola Group, 83North and firstime. For more information, visit our website at EX.CO or follow us on LinkedIn.

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