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If you have a smart phone why on earth do you need a tablet? It is a common expression from most people especially those who haven’t tried using a tablet. Which when they realize that a tablet is completely different from a smart phone they end up buying one anyway. So if you are struggling on whether to add a tablet to your gadget mix, if you do not have one yet then it is a great time to buy one.


The Kata T4

If you browse online a tablet there are different types of tablet that are in the market with varying prices. You can get a low-end tablet priced at more or less than two thousand pesos or a high-end tablet that would cost you around above ten thousand. Buyers would always think of affordability and device reliability and that’s the balance that we also actually recommend. Just recently, the Kata T4 was launched by Kata Philippines. Kata’s first ever tablet that creates a balance between affordability and reliability.


The Kata T4 Specifications (Reliability)

The Kata T4 is equipped with a powerful 1.3GHz Quad Core processor, a processor powerful enough to run the most common applications and games on the Google play store. With this processor running several apps is a breeze, but of course too much of anything is going to be detrimental to your device, to any device for that matter.

For better user experience and might we add, better for those with problem reading using a small screen, the Kata T4 boasts a 7.85 inch IPS HD Display (1024*768). The screen is bigger and definitely better for those who having trouble reading small texts due to well, small screens.

Capture moments as they happen with Kata T4’s 8MP rear camera and it’s 5MP Front Camera.  Although we should not get our hopes up when it comes to using the camera in low light conditions. But still a decent camera. Get to install more apps because of the Kata T4’s 8GB storage and a provision for an expanded storage with a micro SD card.


Full Specs of Kata T4

ProcessorMT8382 1.3GHz Quad Core
Display7.85 inch IPS HD Display (1024*768)
FrequencyGSM Quad Band + 3G 900/2100
OSAndroid 4.4 Kitkat
Storage8GB Internal Storage + 1GB RAM
Camera8MP Read + 5MP Front
ConnectivityWiFi:802.11 b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0
SIM SlotDual SIM Card

What Can You Do With Kata T4

  1. Better Reading Experience – with the large screen of the Kata T4 you definitely get a clearer, no-eye-squinting, reading experience. Installing a Kindle App via the Kata T4 gives your a powerful library of books which you can easily read on demand.Kata-t4-read
  2. Improved Gaming Experience – with the large screen, the 1.3GHz Quad Core processor and the 8GB Internal storage makes it a trifecta that is perfect for an improved gaming experience. Apart from the Kata Box which allows you to play android games on a larger screen, the Kata T4’s 7.85 inch screen also gives you an improved gaming experience. Although I wouldn’t expect much speed for games that require a high RAM and Processing and screen resolution. The Antutu Benchmark score of this device is only 16564.kata-lego-blocks-minecraft
  3. Easy to Carry Around – with a height of 200mm, width of 134.6mm and a thickness of 7.7mm makes it a very handy tablet to carry around. Not only that this tablet PC is just 400g in weight making it one of the lightest tablet we’ve tried so far.colorfy-kata-t4

Final Thoughts on the Kata T4

Again reliability and affordability is the balance that the Kata T4 is trying to keep. We’d say that the Kata T4 is almost there when it comes to keeping that balance. With all the features and specifications as previously mentioned it balances out the selling price of the Kata T4, which is Php5,999 during its pre-order release. We especially love the large screen which makes reading easier and its lightweight design would definitely lessen the strain on your hands while holding the device as you read your favorite e-book. We do wish that the camera could have been a lot better and sensitive to low-light conditions. As a photography enthusiast, the noisy output you get after taking the photos is not really acceptable.

Should you buy the Kata T4?

Yes, if you want to invest on a tablet and looking for the perfect balance of affordability and reliability.




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One thought on “An All Purpose Tablet|Kata T4 Review

  1. Christopher de Guzman February 10, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    i bought a kata t4 last week.. my problem is that there is NO “Move to SD Card” button in Settings > Applications.. I know that Android 4.4 (kitkat and lollipop disabled this feature of writing or copying files from phone storage/memory to SD Card.. But other applications can do it.. if only there were “Move to SD Card Button”.. I’ve tried every applications i can download on the google store, but i only ended up in Settings>Applications with “NO Move to SD Card” button….. If only the button was not kata t4 would have been the best. Now i’ts just like any other tablet.. My Kata T2 supersedes Kata T4 in this aspect.. 🙁


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