PUPPYOO to Display Innovative Smart Home Cleaning Products to CES 2021

BEIJING, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PUPPYOO, one of the dominant players in the smart home industry for 21 years, will start the year more determined than ever at CES 2021 with its new innovative products.

PUPPYOO team at its 21year annual celebration
PUPPYOO team at its 21year annual celebration

"As a professional vacuum cleaner brand in China, PUPPYOO has been in the industry for 21 years. In the past 21 years, we have not forgotten our original aspirations, always take ‘providing the best vacuum cleaners for families around the world’ as our mission, insist on R&D and innovation in the vacuum cleaner field, so that consumers can get a better cleaning experience and service. I am honored to be able to participate in CES2021, and hope that with the CES platform, more business partners and consumers can learn about our innovative smart home products. "—— Tan Chong, founder, chairman and CEO of PUPPYOO.

At CES 2021, PUPPYOO will introduce its newest products to the smart home appliances community. Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner T12 Mate, as PUPPYOO’s most innovative product, with its revolutionary improvements for unparalleled cleaning experience. T12 Mate features OLED display, it intelligently displays working status, remaining power, clean dust cup reminder, clean brush reminder, missing dust cup, charging status. With advanced Japanese NIDEC BLDC Motor, T12 Mate’s suction power can reach up to 170AW. T12 Mate’s multiple filtration technology can intercept 99.996% dust as small as 0.3?m.

PUPPYOO‘s Robot Vacuum Cleaner R60
PUPPYOO‘s Robot Vacuum Cleaner R60

Besides vacuum cleaners, PUPPYOO also devoted its team to robot vacuum cleaners. Robot Vacuum R60, features HD camera, LDS, SLAM 3.0 Algorithm, alongside with its sweeping vacuuming and mopping 3 in 1 function, work together for more efficient cleaning.

PUPPYOO now has 32 various vacuum products for overseas sale, to learn more about PUPPYOO and its products, Click here to visit our website.

About Puppyoo

PUPPYOO, founded in China in 1999, adhering to the brand mission of "Providing more professional vacuum cleaners to families of the world". Since then, PUPPYOO has been committed to the development of versatile and powerful vacuum cleaners.

After 21 years of dedication, PUPPYOO has now grown to the leading brand in the industry. As of 2020, Puppyoo has been the number one online seller of vacuum cleaners in China for 7 years in a row.

PUPPYOO has spent 21 years dedicated to one thing – the vacuum cleaners. Products mainly include smart robotic vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners and UV mattress vacuum cleaners.

PUPPYOO has R&D center and obtained 1115 domestic and foreign patents from China, Japan and European Union. PUPPYOO also mastered many leading technologies, such as muted cleaning, multi-cone cyclone and non-consumable cleaning techniques.

International markets has always been one of PUPPYOO‘s major focuses. PUPPYOO is currently engaged in trading with 86 different countries worldwide. Based on different countries, company provide European CE/GS/CB Certificates, Japanese PSE Certificates, American ETL Certificates, and Australian SAA Certificates to ensure quality and comply with standard regulations.

PUPPYOO’s Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner T12 Mate
PUPPYOO’s Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner T12 Mate

PUPPYOO mainly focus on OBM but also welcome OEM orders.

PUPPYOO‘s headquarter is located in CBD Beijing, with a branch in Suzhou. The employees are dedicated to strict quality control and excellent customer service, experienced staff will be available at your convenience to discuss your requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.

PUPPYOO, a vacuum brand that is more than professional.

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