Pinoys win in the NASA Space Apps Challenge

NASA Space Apps Challenge AEDES

The AEDES Project, an app developed by a Philippine Data Analytics company Cirrolytix, predicts dengue hotspots using Google Keywords, climate and satellite data.

Combining the data collected from satellite maps, climate data and google search the app can pinpoint where dengue will emerge as well as predict potential hot spot locations for dengue.

The NASA Space App Challenge aims to introduce the free and open-source data of NASA to problem solvers worldwide. Participants will choose a challenge and for this group of Pinoys their challenge was Smash Your SDGs under the LIVING IN OUR WORLD category with specific focus on Good Health and Well Being.

The members of the winning team are the following:

  • Dominic Ligot
  • Claire Tayco
  • Jansen Lopez
  • Mark Toledo


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