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The rise of interest in photography started with the advent of digital cameras, DSLR’s and now the mirrorless camera. Not to mention the fact that you are able to create a photography masterpiece with only your mobile phone. Accessibility to such technology indeed sparked the interest of many in the field of photography. However, only a handful are able to escape the “fad” phase and would really get into the field of photography either as a business or a hobby.

What Is The Fad Phase

Everybody goes into photography but I bet you none of them started out with becoming the best and earning millions as their main goal. Everyone started out with photography because of their interest in this field. This is the “fad” phase, taking photos because they are interested. However, when that interest dwindles the creativity also dwindle. Only a few would really try to find more challenges and would try to really learn how to take their creative shots to a  higher level.

Upping Your Photography Game With SpeedyCourse

If you are not contented with your current photography skills then the only solution is for you to learn new photography skills. The best part about learning new photography skills is that such photography courses are available online and for some courses, it is even available for free! SpeedyCourse is the latest addition to the growing list of educational courses search engines. However, this may be the first one that also features seminars and courses that originated in the Philippines. Which means that some of their courses are location specific. Not only that, SpeedyCourse do not only list online courses, they also have courses that are taught in-person and yes some of them are also in the field of photography. What better way to learn by doing it in-person and hands-on right?

One of the many FREE Photography Courses You Can Learn via SpeedyCourse

Do not Stop Learning

If you truly are passionate about photography then continuous learning should always be in your mindset. This is because creative shots do not have any specific ingredient and most of the time it does not solely rely upon the science of photography, it is a combination of different knowledge on both art and sciences. So if you are looking to escape your “fad” phase it is time to check out SpeedyCourse and start learning.


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