Nintendo’s Game & Watch is Making a Comeback!

The Japanese company Nintendo has announced that they are to re-release one of their retro handheld, the Game & Watch. This handheld was first introduced in 1980 and was produced until 1991.

Game & Watch was also Nintendo’s the first system to feature the + shaped directional pad. This handheld device was Nintendo’s first successful attempt in video game.

The New Game & Watch

The black-and-white Game & Watch could only play a single game each, but the new Game & Watch is more modern with its colored LCD screen and a rechargeable battery with a USB-C connector.

Plus, instead of containing only a game, it is set to play three games – the Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, and Mario version of Ball.

Both the Game & Watch device that came out after 1981, and the new one can also serve as an alarm clock. But this time, according to Nintendo, the digital clock will feature thirty five (35) different “little touches.”

This classic Game & Watch with a new look will arrive on November 13, 2020 for a limited production.

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. Announcement

Source: CNN Philippines, Official Nintendo YouTube Channel

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