Newchic Developed Self Logistics to Increase Delivery Speed and Customer Service before Summer Sale

HONG KONG, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Newchic, a global B2C online fashion shopping destination from Hong Kong, is on its biggest mid-year sale from July 5th. This time Newchic attracts consumers by increasing discounts and optimizing services. Customers can buy premium products for as low as $1.99 within the "Flash Deals" section. In addition, consumers can also participate in live streaming interaction. During the live broadcast, consumers can enjoy the products as low as $0.99 and enjoy the discount of totally free shipping. Improving the speed of logistics can effectively enhance the shopping experience of consumers. As a result, Newchic has been preparing and developing self-operated logistics called Newchic Express since last year, significantly improving transportation.

Newchic Express provides faster delivery service for customers
Newchic Express provides faster delivery service for customers

International merchants have been trying to figure out how to effectively solve various difficulties encountered in cross-border shipping, such as complex track package information or slow customs clearance. Since newchic has developed its own logistics, it has used the company’s internal resources to adjust the links in the transportation in time to strengthen the control of the overall logistics. In this way, the efficiency of logistics management can be effectively improved, and customers’ waiting time can be shortened.

Alex Tse, Newchic Logistics Operations Manager, said that Newchic Express would be involved in every step from packing to arranging delivery. Since the development of self-operated channels, through continuous optimization, the whole process has removed redundant links such as repeated processing of packages, making the entire process faster and more reliable. The average receipt time has also been reduced from 15 days to one week.

At present, Newchic Express has opened its own logistics routes in Europe and North America. Newchic will continue to develop more self logistics routes during the process of expanding the business. Next year, Newchic will be dedicated to the integration of the supply chain comprehensive serviceability to provide more customers with more fast, flexible, controllable, and high-quality logistics services.

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