Let Your IPad Take The Strain Of Your Next Project!

A typical day in the life of a project manager is going to be pretty busy and usually fairly eventful. It can be very hard to predict what is going to happen next on a business project and the manager needs to be ready for just about anything that comes his/her way. As well as assembling a capable team and ensuring communications are paramount, the manager needs to be able to have access to the correct tools for the job in hand. This article looks at some iOS apps that have been developed for the iPad, and all of these can definitely be applied to a project manager’s daily tasks to ensurethat totally smooth running is achieved.



Our first iPad application for project managers is a very useful piece of software that allows for a bespoke meeting place facility to be constructed with ease. Bitrix24 is essentially an intranet product that provides a centralised base for project discussions and meetings to take place. The great bonus about using this application on the iPad is the sheer portability of the handheld device with the added benefit of a decent sized screen for viewing purposes. You can have up to 12 users on this platform and they will be able to share calendars as well as files and contact management facility. This is ideal for times when members are off-site or perhaps in a new building without the appropriate infrastructure in place. Whilst still in beta format, Bitrix24 has already attracted well over 70,000 requests for the full version.



iScope is a rather charming application that offers many features intended to support the project manager and the team. It is more like a day to day diary rather than a dashboard style product but allows the user to lay down notes using the handwriting facility if that’s the preferred method. You can also import your contact list from your main machine and send out these notes to whoever requires a little nudge in the right direction. The Dropbox synchronisation is another useful feature as is the easy attachment method. The whole point of this app is to ‘humanize’ the way that project managers use media to record and pass on their current thoughts regarding the project in hand. You get a sense of that ethos when you first notice the simulated leather desk effect complete with the obligatory coffee stains! We love this product and the fact that it is free should mean that thousands of project managers will soon feel the same way!



Our final iPad for project management app is a real reminder of the vital importance of meeting those deadlines! The timelines need to be set out before the project kicks off and they should always be reviewed as the venture progresses. This app really allows you to get a heads up on all of the various segments of the project without the need to import or export calendar details. You can easily zoom into your target for more details, or perhaps you want to tweak the smaller factors to get a better realistic end date. Timeli allows you to view the big picture whilst concentrating onthe specifics in a very easy yet focussed manner. If you are prone to distraction during your busier projects, this app is the one for you!

iPad Projects Rule?

Each of these apps offer a very constructive and useful place in any future project, the fact that they are accessible via your iPad means that the choice is even easier to make!

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This guest post is by Thomas Ethan, a project management consultant. He uses guest posting to share his knowledge and opinions about latest Android apps. His day job is at Procept Consulting, a provider of business analysis courses in Toronto.


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