Introducing: Zenfone5 #BackTo5

Introducing: Zenfone5 #BackTo5


Phones have already been a constant in our lives and it seems that asides from money, it’s the next thing that we should always have in our pockets. Smartphones was the best thing to be invented by the human race, but wouldn’t it be the greatest thing if an intelligent phone comes rolling out that could actually think for you? Well, do I have news for you because with the release of the new line of Zenfone5, you will be itching to get one and fall in love with the new and improved line of ASUS.

Why #BackTo5?
As a matter of fact, the first line of ASUS Zenfone5 dropped in the market last 2014. With the first gen being one of the best selling lines that the company had, they improved its features and made a comeback that literally “WOW’d “ smartphone enthusiast around the globe. Introducing 3 flagship phones for this year are the Zenfone 5, Zenfone 5Z and the Zenfone 5Q.

Let’s AI everything

Yes you read that correctly, AI everything. This new line of flagship phones is the first Zenfone to possess artificial intelligence or AI making it technically not a smartphone but an intelligent phone.
Here are the 5 reasons why:


  • AI Cameras
    In this day and age, almost everyone wants to capture the most picture perfect moment happening in their lives. Now the major theme of the phones is its photography.  With the camera combo and photo learning capability, it has 16 scene detection modes that analyzes anything or anyone and adjusts your settings according to your subject and environment.
  • AI Display
    With an all-screen display of 90% screen to body ratio, it’s the biggest screen among all the other Zenfones that rolled in the market. Movie marathons and gaming experiences on this screen will be legendary.
  • AI Charging
    One of the most amazing features of the phones is that it can adjust the charging speed and increase its battery lifespan as well as to avoid overheating.
  • AI Power
    The devices has the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Processor as well as 4GB RAM and Optiflex Technology to give you a more smooth browsing experience letting you to do more with your phone!
    Okay, like this is just cool because the phone adjusts its volume depending on your current environment. This is perfect for business focused individuals who are always on the go for meetings and appointments. 


With other competing brands releasing some competitive phones, Zenfone5 still tops other companies because of its sleek design and technical specs, plus its user friendly and affordable. The market price of Zenfone5 is Php 19,995.00, the Zenfone5Q at Php 16,995.00 and the Zenfone5Z at Php 29,995.00.  ASUS has stepped up their game by bringing into the market one of the revolutionary devices to date and as to what Einstein said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”


Visit the ASUS facebook page or website to check out promos and other details regarding the Zenfone5 and other products.



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