Innovative Leader of Outdoor Smart Cleaning Solutions Aiper Smart Upgrades to AIPER

Exclusive robotic pool cleaner experts deliver new website and continue to deliver the best products for all types of outdoor smart cleaning

NEW YORK, Nov. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aiper Smart, the world’s leading provider of smart-cleaning devices for the home, yard, swimming pool and everything in between, today announced it has upgraded to AIPER. With the new brand name comes more high-quality products, better customer service, online and offline purchase channels, and a cool new logo and website

AIPER is a trailblazer in cordless robotic pool cleaners. It introduces cordless robotic pool cleaners to the world. The company creates cordless and corded smart-cleaning solutions. AIPER will design its full range of outdoor tools to manage all outdoor spaces to make life easier for the homeowner.

AIPER is one of the most innovative global smart appliance companies, constantly researching and upgrading tools. Its goal is to lead innovation and be the best resource in the outdoor smart cleaning industry. The company is at the very top of the bestselling product lists in its industry, including Amazon and other major digital marketplaces.

"The world of AIPER is all about discovery, transformation, knowledge and simplicity," said Jessie, the company’s brand director. "We are so pleased to announce our new, streamlined name and updated website to showcase our first-class smart cleaning catalogue. We are dedicated to making complex things simple."

Jessie continued, "Our customers always provide incredible feedback, letting us know how we make their lives so much better and easier with the highest-quality smart-cleaning appliances for homes, gardens, pools, lawns and other outdoor spaces. Our efficient product offerings allow time for people to be with and enjoy their families and friends. AIPER has a reputation for excellent customer service, as well as online stores for purchases."

AIPER will introduce fantastic new technologies that greatly simplify people’s life in pool cleaning this year. The company provides updated smart pool cleaning machines with the best wall and waterline scrubbing for small, medium and large pools.

Every day, thousands of families worldwide use AIPER pool cleaning products to keep pools sparkling clean and safe. The brand plans to provide more corded and cordless series products for small, medium and large pools. All AIPER products have been certified to meet or exceed market regulations and safety and environmental standards.

Staying smart and innovative requires constant energy and AIPER has the desire to stand out and make a difference in the cordless, smart-cleaning world. Its products are affordable and easy to maintain, have cleaning cycles that get the job done, and are incredibly innovative.

The brand name AIPER has been translated from "smart-home", saving its customers time and energy with the goal of making life more relaxed and convenient.

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