How should a laundromat look in 2021? Connected and fully remotely controlled with Primus XControl FLEX

RIPON, Wis., May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Primus has recently released its new touch control platform XControl FLEX

Primus laundromats equipped with XControl FLEX platform offer state-of-the-art user-experience and connectivity.
Primus laundromats equipped with XControl FLEX platform offer state-of-the-art user-experience and connectivity.


  • XControl FLEX platform is available on the two best-selling lines of Primus brand: the sustainable FX line of softmounted washer extractors and fast performing DX line of dryers
  • They offer best-in-class touchscreen user-experience in 34 native languages and one-click-to-start
  • The i-Trace control dashboards ensure perfect remote monitoring for the owner, from starting the machine to rewarding customers and payment App for laundromat.

Alliance Laundry Systems, the global leader in commercial laundry equipment manufacturing, introduces another in its list of innovations – X Control Flex, a touchscreen control for select Primus models. Not only does the touchscreen offer exceptional versatility for vended laundry customers, but it also helps to reduce touchpoints – a significant bonus with the spread of COVID-19 on everyone’s minds. 

"Alliance has always placed hygiene and performance at the foreground of our innovation, said Rocco di Bari, Chief Commercial Officer for Europe Middle East and Africa at Alliance Laundry Systems. "Today, we are confident that we are offering the most intuitive and best-performing control solution for vend environments. This is a future-proof technology that minimizes touch contacts and makes doing your laundry and managing your laundromat safer and faster." 

The Primus controls take touchscreen technology to the next level, particularly for laundromat customers. Offered on washer-extractor and tumble dryer models, the touchscreens enable customers to tailor cycles with features such as extra washes, rinses and special cycles (programmed by owners). It offers further flexibility with 34 languages. The result is all customers gain greater control of their level of clean (vital during the COVID-19 crisis) through intuitive on-screen prompts and options, while store owners increase profitability. Additionally, the newly introduced three-year warranty brings maximum peace-of-mind to ambitious laundry owners looking for the best equipment for their laundromats.

On the business monitoring side, connectivity through the cloud-based Primus i-Trace laundry management system gives laundromat owners even greater control to run their business, with advanced access to store operations data. 

The combination of intuitive and profitable X Control Flex touchscreen controls, real-time operations data through i-Trace and Primus’s already legendary durability, backed by a three-year warranty, Primus gives laundromat owners all the tools to streamline operations to maximize revenue. X Control Flex also offers customers a mobile payment option, while its connectivity means the system receives automatic updates to make it future proof. 

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About Primus – Since 1911 Primus has innovated with purpose to bring our customers and their customers premium laundry results. Our goals are to produce maximum efficiency with minimum fuss, while making the best use of resources. We’ve built a reputation for efficient, eco-friendly solutions designed for premium on-premises laundry operations, laundromats, long-term care facilities, and commercial laundries. Primus engineering breakthroughs include the world’s first successful, high spinning freestanding washer and our sophisticated networked control systems. At Primus we bring you enduring, user-friendly laundry solutions that keep you ahead year after year after year.


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