H3C Launches Channel Kickoff 2022 in Pakistan, Bringing Together Partners to Jointly Drive Digital Transformation

ISLAMABAD, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — H3C held its Channel Kickoff in Pakistan on March 3, demonstrating the company’s digital practice achievements in many fields in Pakistan. During the event, H3C brought together partners and leaders from a range of fields and industries to share how H3C digital solutions and products are helping to empower local industrial upgrading and economic development.

Gary Huang, H3C’s President of International Business and Senior Vice President, said at the event that H3C has achieved remarkable results through its cooperation across various sectors in Pakistan, drawing on the company’s rich experience in serving global digital transformation, to help build a more stable and robust development engine for Pakistan. "Through our continuous accumulation over last three years, our market expansion capacity has been greatly strengthened and the overseas market revenue in 2021 achieved a rapid growth," Huang said.

Gary Huang, the President of International Business and Senior Vice President of H3C
Gary Huang, the President of International Business and Senior Vice President of H3C

"In last 3 years, H3C has entered into all verticals and most of the key accounts in Pakistan, such as government, education, energy/power, finance, insurance and enterprise, covering all the regions including ISB, LHR, KHI, KPK and Baluchistan. H3C has a firm position in Pakistan market," Frank Zhu, General Manager of H3C Pakistan, said at the event.

"H3C is a channel based business model. The key is to establish a healthy channel eco-system. We treasure the efforts made by our partners, we will try all the best to establish and maintain a fair, a healthy channel system. We want to share more benefit with our partners, and make partners enjoy more bonus from the development of H3C," he said.

At the event, H3C presented its complete product portfolio, including the newest products to be launched this year. H3C also presented its services portfolio, highlighting the capability of H3C and its partners to provide best in class services. As a leader in digital solutions, H3C has empowered global digitalization and realized remarkable achievements by its competitiveness.

H3C also held the Elite Partners Award Ceremony, which presented outstanding partners’ contributions to different industries. Six awards, including the Top Sales Elite Award, were presented to partners. One of the winning partners receiving the Top Service Sales & Delivery Awards, expressed their special appreciation and commitment to working together with H3C on the road of strength and shared technology in the future.

Group photo
Group photo

With the evolving progress of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Pakistan is actively promoting the development of the digital economy. With the vision and determination of striving to become the most trusted partner worldwide, H3C will collaborate closely with ecosystem partners to support the digital transformation of various local industries and create greater value for partners and customers.


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