H3C Empowers the Network Restructuring and Upgrade of Great Russian Encyclopedia with Cutting-Edge Intelligent Technologies

Amid the Internet era’s blow, the publishing house of “Great Russian Encyclopedia” is vigorously exploring a path toward breaking through bottlenecks and boosting growth and prosperity in this complicated, fast-changing digital era by continuously adjusting its business and organizational structures. To this end, it has joined hands with H3C in an effort to upgrade its equipment with ground-breaking Internet-based products and technologies while restructuring and expanding its networks, which provides efficient, stable network service and working experience for the team behind Great Russian Encyclopedia’ s portal website.

MOSCOW, Russia, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In this fast-changing digital era, digital transformation has become a natural strategic choice for publishers around the globe to cope with various challenges and revolutions. Underlying the deepening transformation, publishers need to continuously upgrade the digital platforms to meet the diversified business demands. As one of the most professional and authoritative publishers in Russia, Great Russian Encyclopedia is proactively embracing the Internet era by reconstructing its own digital platform, so as to accelerate the innovation and operation of its business.

H3C empowers the network restructuring and upgrade of Great Russian Encyclopedia with cutting-edge intelligent technologies
H3C empowers the network restructuring and upgrade of Great Russian Encyclopedia with cutting-edge intelligent technologies

In 2018, commissioned by the Russian government, Great Russian Encyclopedia started to build a nationwide, interactive, encyclopedic portal website. The new program has resulted in expanded organizational scale, with the publisher setting about planning and construction of new office areas, this raised new demands for the construction of a sound company network. To this end, the publisher chose to cooperate with H3C for a full upgrade and expansion of its network infrastructure. It introduced the efficient and reliable network equipment of H3C which enabled an all-round upgrade in various aspects from performance to management. As a result, the restructuring of the publisher’s network was in full swing, laying a solid groundwork for it to realize the transformation entailed by various new businesses.

Hard-core network laying groundwork for the publisher’s digital transformation

The S6800-series data center switch rolled out by H3C served as the pillar in core switching. It can resist voltage surge and overheating, get the backup power connected, and perform fault detects and raise alarms on the power supply circuit and cooling fan to ensure that the equipment keeps running even in extreme environments. In addition, the S5560-series high-performance converged ethernet switch is mainly used for access control. Based on the strong performance of the network infrastructure, it enabled efficient and stable connection between the campus network and many offices of the publisher, making possible data connectivity and high-efficiency sharing. At the same time, H3C also effectively integrated the wired and wireless networks so that the local area network could expand flexibly to meet growing demands.

On top of the strong performance, H3C has provided many other useful functions for the publisher’s network including plug-and-play, single IP address management and synchronous update, significantly reducing the costs of network infrastructure expansion. In terms of network management, the effective monitoring technology of SmartMC improved the management of Great Russian Encyclopedia’s website and remarkably pared down the maintenance costs. Meanwhile, the Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) ensured the load balance and reduced network redundancy, facilitating continuous level-2 and level-3 data forwarding with much higher efficiency and reliability. Moreover, H3C has provided quality assurance services on its network products for the publisher over three years, and with around-the-clock technical supports, it offers all-round guarantee for the stable operation of the entire network.

H3C helps boost digital economy in Russia with deepened involvement and increased presence in the sector

The cooperation with Great Russian Encyclopedia is one of the most successful models in H3C’s endeavor to promote digital transformation in Russia. At present, on the strength of its cutting-edge digitalization capacity at multiple fronts including cloud computing, big data, AI, and the Internet of Things, H3C has scored remarkable progress in many different areas in Russia’s economic development. Yan Kuo, General Manager of H3C Russia, says: "H3C has accumulated rich experiences in its efforts to boost the digital economy and digital industries in China, which serves as an irreplaceable reference for it to step up participation in the digital transformation of Russian businesses. Drawing on these experiences, H3C will proactively work to increase our involvement in our customers’ endeavor toward digitalization and provide them with more innovative and diversified choices."

Facing a critical crossroads in digital transformation, companies around the world are renewing their business models and management philosophies to accommodate the emergence of digital technologies represented by cloud, intelligent and 5G technologies. Under the trend of digital transformation, H3C will continue its efforts to introduce its comprehensive competitiveness embodied by "Digital Brain 2021" into Russia to lay a solid groundwork for the digitalization of businesses and the boom of digital economy.

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