The New Nexus 7 Specs and Price


Before Anything Else Watch The Commercial for the New Nexus 7

Google has just announced their follow up to the Nexus 7 called as the NEW Nexus 7. This is an improvement to the existing Nexus 7. As of press time these are the specs of the new Nexus 7
The New Nexus 7

New Nexus 7 Specs and Features:


A lot more Portable,

Super slim 2mm thinner,

Same display size but 6mm narrower,

50gms lighter.

Pure black on black design, glossy finishes, subtle detail, feels great in your hands.

7.02 inch size 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution 323 pixels per inch.

Renders pictures and videos more accurately with 30% more colors.

Integrated with the virtual surround sound technology.

Front camera 1.2mp and 5mp rear camera.

Quad core 1.4ghz snap dragon, CPU 80% faster, 4x GPU – great news to gamers,

Increased memory 2GB RAM,

Dual Band Wi-fi,

BLuetooth 4.0,

4G LTE single us model,

HDMI Output,

9 Hours HD video playback

Runs on Jelly Bean 4.3



How Much is Google’s New Nexus 7

You might be asking how much is the New Nexus 7? Well, The New Nexus 7 Prices are as follows:

16GB Wi-fi at $229

32GB Wi-fi at $269

64GB LTE at $349

Conclusion On The New Nexus 7

This is definitely a device to look out for, with a higher resolution it is a rival to the iPad mini, well i think it will do more than that. The integration of the Open GL ES 3.0 technology brings tablet gaming to a new whole level. The stunning graphics as well as the surround sound and powerful processing power makes the New Nexus 7 the tablet for every possible purpose. Can’t wait to test the New Nexus 7, hopefully Google or ASUS will be able to hear and see me drooling right now.


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