Google Adds Option to Limit Alcohol or Gambling Ads on YouTube

In a blog post published on Thursday, Google has announced that they have launched a new feature in Ad Setting enabling people to limit ads in categories such as alcohol and gambling.

The Ad Setting in Google allows users to control how ads are personalized or even opt-out of personalized ads altogether at an account level.

“We’ve heard feedback that some people would prefer to limit ads in certain categories like alcohol, so today, we’re launching a new control in Ad Settings, enabling people to see fewer alcohol ads, with gambling as an additional option. “


Google added that the new feature is an extra step, putting the choice in the user’s hands and allowing them to control their ad experience.

“With a click of a button, you can choose to see fewer gambling and alcohol ads. It is also reversible; should you change your mind, you can click to see such ads again.”


Availability of Ad Settings’ New Feature

In the blog post, it was stated that the feature will roll out in Ad Settings gradually which will start with YouTube Ads in the US. While the new option will be introduced globally to Google Ads and YouTube in early 2021.

Furthermore, there will be no any changes in the policies of countries with legal restrictions against serving gambling and alcohol ads.

Ad categories on YouTube
Photo Source: Google

According to Google, they believed that the new feature is an important step in user choice and control.

“We’ll continue to improve our controls; and as our products and people’s expectations of them evolve, so will the features we make available to personalize ad experiences, ” Google added.

Source: Google


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