Gadgets and Accessories Below 2,000 Pesos

Looking for affordable mobile devices and gadget accessories that will surely fit your budget? Here are some tech gifts that you could give to yourself or to your loved ones on this coming Valentine’s Day, which wouldn’t go beyond Two Thousand Pesos (2,000 PHP). Here’s an idea of what kind of items you can get within such an allotted budget.

10 Gadgets and Accessories that are Below 2,000 Pesos

Flash Drive

Portable and definitely useful. Flash Drives are very useful when it comes to storing not-so-heavy files and taking it with you wherever you go. This is somehow a kind of need especially for students these days. 


Powerbanks are so handy nowadays. With a powerbank in hand, there’s no need to worry whenever your battery dies even when you’re outside.


Whether it be for gaming purposes or simply for listening to music, a Headset becomes a necessity. While the prices are still low, go get yourself one or go get your sister or your brother one.

Bluetooth Earphone

If listening to music is a hobby of yours or at least a hobby of the person you are planning to give a Bluetooth Earphone to, then add one to your cart and don’t forget to purchase it within the sale period.

Gaming Keyboard

For an affordable Gaming Keyboard that you can start with, shopping online in time for this kind of sale would be a great idea. You can always start with a Gaming Keyboard that doesn’t cost much and jump into bigger brands later on. 

Bluetooth Speaker

Owning a Portable Bluetooth Speaker would keep your room from being eaten by silence. Plus it lets you dance and sing along with your favorite music.

Charging Cable

How many charging cables do you lose or damage within just a few months? If the answer is goes beyond at least three, then consider buying yourself some extra Charging Cables. Or just buy some to give it to your mom or to your siblings.

Basic Keypad Phone

Obviously, this kind of phone won’t let you access your social media accounts not let you take instagrammable photos, even so, a Basic Keypad Phone could still be very useful as a communication device. If you’re the kind of person who is still into calling and texting rather than chatting using apps, then sure, Basic Keypad Phone will suit your needs.

Android Phone

Believe it or not, you can even get Android Phones within a budget that wouldn’t go beyond 2,000 Php. However, don’t expect quality and features that would dramatically exceed the amount you’ll be paying for. Usually, Android Phones that are within a Two Thousand Pesos price range are capable of running common apps such as Facebook, Messenger, and YouTube, including some mobile games. Nevertheless, don’t expect phones as such to have the kind of camera quality and features that are comparable to known brands’ flagship devices.


Same with Android Phones that would fall into a 2,000 Php budget, Tablets along this price can be expected to work well with common and light apps and games. But when it comes to more advanced features it would be safe to assume that these kinds of Tablets are behind the latest flagship devices. But still, with a price as low or even lower 2,000 Php, you’ll be getting some essentials.

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