It Finally Happened! An Actual Snake On A Plane!

Have you watched that Samuel L. Jackson movie where the plane was swarming with snakes? At that high altitude with those huge snakes what are you supposed to do? That’s just a stuff of nightmares right?

On board an Aero Mexico commercial flight from Torreon to Mexico City an actual snake was seen to be on an actual plane! As shared by twitter user @Inda_medina, the snake was seen to be wriggling its way from the cabin to the passenger seats!

Actual Video Shared Online

Lazada Philippines


According to AeroMexico

The flight was given priority landing where workers were said to have secured the reptile. As of this moment the airline said that they are investigating the incident and they are taking necessary steps to prevent this from happening again.

No one was reported hurt as a result of the incident.

What would you do if you see a snake on a flight you are in while in flight? Share you thoughts on the comment section below!

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