Facebook Released Fourth App Experiment

Facebook announced last year that they will release new consumer-focused apps under the developer name, New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team, from Facebook. Instead of using the Facebook developer name to launch these new apps, the popular social network decided to use a different developer name to help set the appropriate expectations with people. Also, they added that there will be rapid change under the NPE Team and apps will shut down if these are not useful to people. It is expected that there will be failures and having a separate developer name will reduce disruption to the daily billion users of Facebook.

Last week, NPE Team released the fourth experiment app which is called Hobbi.

What is Hobbi?

According to its AppStore Description, Hobbi is the one-stop app for personal projects and helps in documenting and remembering things that you love to do. The new app will capture and organize your creative process. With this, you can save photos of the projects you’re working on and the activities you love to do. Whether it’s cooking, baking, DIY, arts & crafts, fitness or home decor. Through Hobbi, you can also celebrate your journey that you can organize your photos into visual collections and see the progress you’re making over time. Lastly, you can share your highlights such as videos and share it with your friends and family.

The new app, Hobbi, is being compared to the Pinterest app due to some similarities with the features. According to The Information, Pinterest shares fell after the launch of the new app. Pinterest spokesperson then released a statement about Facebook’s Hobbi app appearing to lack Pinterest’s “discoverability, search, and recommendation” and added that the company remains “focused on building a visual discovery engine.”

Hobbi Information

Availability of NPE Team Realesed Apps

The new apps released using the NPE team developer name are available at Apple App Store, in the Google Play Store, and on the web. Have you tried out any of their apps? How was the experience? Let us know in the comments below!

You can check more of Hobbi’s term, privacy and supplemental NPE terms Here

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