Facebook Reactions Now Available in the Philippines


Whether it is a test or not, what is definite is that facebook users in the Philippines are definitely experimenting and trying out the new Facebook Reactions feature of umm..well…Facebook. It was September of this year when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted that they are working on expanding the “Like” button. There was a clamour for a dislike button and advocates of this button to be added in the Facebook feature thought this is what the esteemed CEO had in mind. However, instead of the dislike button, Facebook expanded the “Like” button with the “reactions”.

What is Facebook Reactions

The Facebook Reactions is the expanded version of the like button, where there is a set of 6 emojis added to the like button so that users can “react” according to how they feel about the post. So aside from the thumbs up icon you also get “love”, “yay” , “wow” “sad” and “anger”, however after checking our facebook account we noticed that “yay” was replaced with “confused”, we still don’t know if this is a permanent switch.

The Original Set of Emojis via Techcrunch 
The recently screen-captured emojis

Just like the newly added emoji right now we are a bit confused on whether this is specific to users, type of device or other demographic factors.

First Impressions on Facebook Reactions

The Facebook reactions is definitely a welcome addition to the improvements being done by the company on their product. For us who always criticize people liking horrible posts on Facebook at least with reactions users will be able to clearly express what they really mean when they push that “like” button or should we say the react button.





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