Facebook, Instagram and Tinder Down



It seems that Facebook, Instagram and other sites are down, as of this writing Facebook is back up . We have observed that it also affected it’s connections with third party apps such as those with Buffer, Hootsuite and even plugins via WordPress that pertains to connecting with the Facebook API were also affected, so do not try to upgrade any facebook related wordpress plugins for now as it will cause an error.

Facebook,Instagram and Tinder Down

Not only is Facebook down but also the photo sharing site Instagram which of course as we all know is already integrated with Facebook.

So where do people go to if the popular social networks are down? Thanks to Twitter people have been able to report #FacebookDown

Here are some of the posts on Twitter regarding #FacebookDown


Who Is Responsible For The Outage?

Some speculated that the outage is due to the snow blizzard, however, some reports claimed that the lizard squad is responsible for the outage. Here are some tweets from the Lizard Squad which implied that they are responsible for the outage.

In this tweet the lizard squad seems to imply something:


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