Facebook Doesn’t Want to Share?

wonky facebook

One of the reasons why many people are hooked with Facebook is because it is the easiest way for them to read and share the news. Thanks to Facebook’s share button you can easily make a certain news to all of your friends. Personally, i have been using Facebook to share my thoughts, my posts, tips and tricks. Sometimes i use Facebook to promote my blog posts, thanks to Facebook Promote i can easily do that for a very reasonable price.

Lately, i have been helping friends learn more about Google adsense and how they could earn something from their blog sites. We have a bloggers group in Facebook so i was so confident that i could share different tips and trick coming from Google’s Adsense Blog site. Several weeks ago i got an update from Google adsense blog and saw that there are several tips regarding increasing user experience for your website or your blog. This tip was divided into three parts and it was my plan to share the first tip to my friends and encourage them to follow the blog.

However, this was not the case as when i posted on Facebook the link to the Google Adsense blog i got an error message saying…

wonky facebook
Facebook Doesn’t Like Adsense Blog?


So not everything could be shared via Facebook after all, i am not sure why Facebook is considering the URL adsense.blogspot.com as a spammy link. At first i thought that Facebook considers blogger subdomains as spammy links so i tried it using one of my dormant blogsites, and surprise surprise! It works!

Testing Another Blogger Link…It Works!

So how come an adsense blog site is considered as spammy? I really hope this is not one of Facebook’s you can share anything except….because if it is then they have just shown how Facebook is not really for everybody, yeah they can filter out porn sites but a legitimate blog site? That really sounds wonky to me!

Well anyway i guess i have to tell my friends that they should also register for Google Plus (G+) to get more updates from Google, besides Google’s social spine is becoming better everyday, i just wish they have a mobile app to manage G+ pages.



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