4 Physiotherapy Gadgets to Make Your Life Pain-Free

Modern life definitely has its advantages, but it also comes with its fair share of drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks of modern lifestyle is the sedentary nature of individuals. Health and fitness seem to have taken a backseat and its physical effects are felt by almost every individual. Research has shown that most people in the world suffer from some kind of bodily pain, whether mild or chronic. Many of us experience a certain amount of pain or discomfort without even realizing it, until it becomes increasingly severe. Thankfully, there are numerous physiotherapy gadgets available to help us deal with any bodily discomfort. Here are 4 amazingly effective physiotherapy gadgets that can help relieve stress and pain:

Exercise Ball

Seeing an exercise ball in this list will leave most people scratching their heads. How can an exercise ball possibly be used for pain relief? However, do not let the simplicity of this gadget fool you. An exercise ball is perfect for people seeking relief from mid and lower back pain. There are numerous low-intensity exercises for those suffering from back pain and want to use an exercise ball. These exercises not only help relieve pain, but also work and tone the back muscles so that they are less susceptible to pain.

Massage Chair Cushion

Modern office furniture is designed to ensure that you do not suffer the ill-effects of a bad posture. However, it is almost impossible to find an office chair that is able to balance ergonomics and comfort. This is where a massage chair cushion proves to be really handy. Simply strap it onto your existing office chair and enjoy a gentle and relaxing massage while still working away. You can purchase different cushions depending upon what kind of massage you desire, i.e. shiatsu, Swedish or anything else.

USB Shoulder Massage Patches

Tired and aching muscles are not always the cause for physical pain. Stress is often the main reason for the niggling pain in the shoulders and neck. It is not possible to get a stress-relieving massage whenever you wish, especially if you’re in the office. However, you can invest in a good set of USB shoulder massage pads. Powered by the USB slot in your computer, these patches easily attach themselves to your shoulders and neck and provide a relaxing massage in the areas that are most affected by stress.

Foot Spa

It may seem strange to include a foot spa as a physiotherapy gadget. But, the truth is that the ordinary foot spa is more than just an integral part of the home pedicure process. Researchers have found that foot spas have a significant effect on the body’s neurological system. Human feet have a number of pressure points (nerve clusters) that can provide a soothing feeling when stimulated. You may dip your feet in a foot spa in order to get them nice and clean, but the foot spa is doing more for your well-being than you know.

There are many devices out there that promise to beat stress and provide relief from pain. However, few of these devices can actually live up to their claims. The 4 simple physiotherapy gadgets listed here are guaranteed to make a difference in your life without breaking the bank.

Max Dublin is known for his artistic writings and his passion to strive for a healthy lifestyle. He highly recommend pilates classes in Melbourne to those who seek a healthy and a stress free life.


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