Facebook and Instagram are down

Current time now is 6AM GMT +8, Facebook and Instagram users are still experiencing outage on these popular social networking sites. According to downdetector.com a website that collates outage reports from users, the outage started yesterday at around 11pm with its peak at 2am.

The nature of the outage reported are mostly on accessing facebook on their desktop, while for instagram, people reported that they are unable to access their newsfeed on mobile.

On Facebook, people have reported that they are unable to login, they cannot access their newsfeed and some reported total blackout. For instagram a lot reported about how they are unable access their newsfeed, some reported that they cannot login and some also reported that the instagram website is inaccessible.

The outage is being experienced globally, specifically in North and South America, Europe, New Zealand and some parts of south east asia. While the instagram outage is reported in North and South America, Europe and Australia, it is also observed in parts of South east Asia.

The outage also affected the Facebook Developer API’s what it means is that any website or platform using any Facebook API may encounter errors. On the Facebook Developers status update created by Gary Fitzpatrick the current status is that they are still investigating the issues specifically on the failure of the API’s.

Up to this time, Facebook hasn’t released information regarding the cause of the outage.

Update: Newsfeed on Desktop can now be accessed as of 6:30AM however it takes a while for it to load. We’re guessing it is still currently being fixed.


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