Experts to expand Blockchain community to Philippines

Blockchain and financial technology experts will be coming to the Philippines to share their knowledge on the said technology and its potential contribution to economic progress.

These experts will serve as speakers, trainers, panelists and moderators for the three-day event. They’ll be coming from Europe, Asia and North America.

Specific Goals of Blockchain Community

The Blockchain Applications and Economics Forum 2018 which will happen on May 28-30. With the theme, “Transforming Businesses and Industries with Blockchain Technology,” the forum aims to bring together business leaders and the blockchain community to tackle and push for a deeper understanding of the technology’s impact on businesses and its economics.

As a result, they envision corporations, government and the blockchain community to work together to shape the future of the country’s economy.

Moreover, the organizers created the event to help business, corporate leaders find the blockchain technology best fit for their businesses. They need to understand that they can use blockchain solutions for supply chains, digital identity, logistics and more.

Day One:  Boot camps

They have set up two distinct  boot camps for the first day of the forum.

  • Ethereum and Smart Contract Development Workshop

This whole-day training is best for tech experts, software developers and blockchain enthusiasts. It will cover topics about coding in the blockchain platform Etherium.

Harpreet Singh Maan and Adly Abdullah, CEO and CTO, respectively, of Blocklime Technologies, are the trainers for the workshop. They are co-founders of the company which is leading in blockchain consultancy and development service worldwide.

  • Media Blockchain Workshop

On the other hand, members of the media will benefit from this whole-day workshop. Here, the blockchain community will be able to help them better understand and appreciate Blockchain. They will be tackling risks, challenges and opportunities that the technology offers.

Amor Maclang, co-founder of Geiser Maclang Marketing Communications, Inc. will be the trainer for this boot camp. She is a globally awarded Brand Architect, Risk, Crisis and Reputation strategist and Marketing Communications innovator.

Day Two: Formal Opening of Conference

They will formally open the conference on the second day, May 29. The Blockchain Association of the Philippines (BAP), the very first blockchain-related association in PH, will also be launched at the same time.

BAP and Unionbank Chairman Justo A. Ortiz will deliver the keynote address for the launching. Aside from this, there will also be panel discussions during the second day.

Day Three: Blockchain’s Role in Businesses

On the third and last day of the forum, they will dive into how blockchain can enhance, disrupt and create new business opportunities involving IBM, SAP and Microsoft – all major technology giants.

They will also have panel discussions so that business leaders will have better understanding of how they can use blockchain to have a competitive advantage.

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