Empowering Digital Pakistan: H3C Embarks on Digital Transformation with Partners and Customers

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, Nov. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — H3C, a leader in digital solutions, recently rolled out its global virtual event, the H3C Digital Tour 2021, in Pakistan. During the event, Gary Huang, President of International Business and Senior Vice President of H3C, shared his insights on Pakistan’s digital transformation and its social impact with local experts, customers and partners.

Themed "Digital Future · We Together", the event promoted mutual engagement between H3C, its partners and end users in Pakistan to encourage the implementation of smart digital strategies in key industries. H3C believes that by accelerating the digital transformation of traditional enterprises and enabling the industrial intelligent application, we will be together to share the benefits of digitalization and create a better digital future. Launched in several countries including Russia and Malaysia, the aim of H3C Digital Tour 2021 is to share the vision in assisting H3C’s global clients and partners to achieve higher levels of digital transformation.

Through the "Digital Pakistan" Policy launched in 2018, the Pakistani government aims to build an agile and innovative digital service ecosystem that is capable of facilitating core transformations in governance and infrastructure. The Pakistani government has started focusing on investment in ICT fields including big data and information security in recent years, aiming to support the digital transformation of local industries, including healthcare, education, government and others shifting towards digital solutions in response to COVID-19 pandemic, consequently creating a large demand for the support of digital network construction.

Since entering the Pakistani market in 2019, H3C has successfully certified over 70 partners and 60 engineers, helping to upgrade digital infrastructure in government, telecoms, education, banking, and healthcare sectors.

Speaking during the H3C Digital Tour 2021 in Pakistan, Gary Huang informed the audience that the theme of H3C Digital Tour is "Digital Future · We Together", which follows H3C’s global strategy of working together with the partners and customers. The adopted ecosystem by all industries will help H3C to drive the economy to grow manifold. During this journey, H3C is eager to understand the customers’ demand, take industry experts’ advices and share the insights and experiences, in order to refine the idea of how H3C can work together to redefine the future of digital innovations.

Several distinguished guests including customers, partners and industrial experts shared their forward-thinking insights on the new trends of Pakistan’s digitalization and how H3C is fully empowering Digital Pakistan Vision with a win-win ecosystem of cooperation.

Syed Ahmed, Chair (IT) Prime Minister Task Force on IT & Telecom of Pakistan expressed that Government of Pakistan strongly believes in mass adoption of emerging digital technologies and innovative applications to enable cross-sector socio-economic development. This is also where H3C comes in with its unique vision and offers the latest and cutting-edge ICT solutions in a variety of areas. Junaid Arshad, General Manager of Cloud Services from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) also shared his insights on e-education and experience with H3C products.

Frank Zhu, Country Manager for H3C Pakistan, said in his closing remarks that with the firm global strategy, H3C will prove to be a trusted partner and is dedicated to become one of the leading players in the Pakistan ICT industry. He ensured that by leveraging its innovative technologies and global experience, H3C will continue to invest in team’s professionalism, in new opportunities in Pakistan with partners to support customers from various industries in their digital transformation, to contribute towards better Digital Pakistan.

Following Pakistan, H3C Digital Tour 2021 will be launched in Japan this December as the fourth stop of the global tour event. As a leader in digital solutions, H3C will continue to explore new possibilities of integrating digital technology with industry applications, building a core engine for digital transformation together with its partners and customers.


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