First Philippines Satellite Diwata 1 Launched

diwata 1 launch

It is a momentous day for every Filipinos who are in the tech and space industry. The Microsatellite named as Diwata 1 was successfully launched today at around 11:05AM (Philippine Standard Time). The first microsatellite is set to start orbiting by April.

The Diwata 1 Mission

filipino microsatellite

The microsatellite Diwata 1 will fly in low-orbit for about one year and eight months to take Photos of the Philippines. It will be capturing images about twice daily.

The Diwata 1 is the first Filipino microsatellite to orbit the earth. Its purpose is to provide satellite images which can be helpful in times of disasters. It is also going to be used for security and weather monitoring purposes.

Heading to ISS

The Diwata 1 is now currently heading to the International Space Station (ISS). The ‘Diwata 1’ is part of the resupply mission for the International Space Station. It is carried by the Cygnus cargo ship and was launched onboard the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.

Congratulations Everywhere

Indeed, this is a milestone in Philippine history. With social media congratulations was sent to every Filipinos via Twitter. Here are some of such tweets.






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